Presented by Erin Fowler and Nexus Multicultural Arts
Reviewed Thursday 25th August 2011

Venue: Nexus Cabaret, Lion Arts Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide
Season: 2pm and 8pm, Friday 26th and 2pm and 7pm, Sat 27th August 2011
Duration: 1hr 10min
Tickets: adult $20/conc $15
Bookings: Venuetix 8225 8888 or

With the concept and direction by Erin Fowler and choreography and performance by herself, Mikaila Roe and  Jessie Oshodi this is avery clever and somewhat light hearted exploration of the way women have been seen and promoted through the ages. It begins with a David Attenborough inspired voice-over, leading into the first part, the Greco-Roman goddess, with more than a passing nod to Isadora Duncan in the choreography.

The design, by Jess White, features three large illuminated 'pillows' that the dancers use in various ways in the different sections of the work. These are called 'aura pods', created by Henrietta Gothe-Ellis. Catherine Connelly's lighting design uses all of the resources of the venue to create a wealth of effects and the music ideally suits each scene.

In the following scenes they look at the ideal of beauty, what it means and how attainable it is, or is not. Forward again to the housewife of the 1950s with advertising slogans and Burt Bacharach's chauvinist song Wives and Lovers, the warning to women not to neglect themselves or they might lose their man, providing the music. They also investigate the idea of the femme fatale and then end with a section they call The Caged Bird.

We see a whole range of views of women, from the woman put on a pedestal, to the unachievable criteria of Barbie, to the woman imprisoned by the expectations placed upon her. Although humour is used extensively to get the ideas across, the superb dancing of these three fine performers is certainly not to be laughed at.

This is an inventive work that tackles some interesting issues in a novel way. It only has a short run so do hurry to get a ticket.

Reviewed by Barry Lenny, Arts Editor, Glam Adelaide.

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