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NOW OPEN: Plant B Life Launches With Cooking Class Dinners, Catering And More

Plant B Life is opening its first Adelaide store, which will offer vegan catering and cooking demonstration services.

In this day and age, eating a healthy vegan diet has really never been easier. However, sometimes finding ways to shake things up and find exciting, new plant-based foods can be a challenge.

Thankfully, Adelaide’s Plant B Life exists to educate and inform you about who/what/where to eat vegan. With cooking videos, hot tips and other handy plant-based goodie guides, they are expanding their repertoire by opening their very own store in Hyde Park.

Cooking class dinners have now commenced at the new location. The class/dinners run from 6 – 9pm and involve there Plant B team demonstrating four plant based dishes which are then served to guests in a restaurant setting. Wines are also on offer, as is a mysterious “botanical surprise”.

On departure, attendees will receive a gift bag filled with information, the recipes from the class, and a cookie.

This store also offers plant-based meals to-go, and vegan event catering.

Plant B Life was created by Ethan, Kate, and her mum Shirley; three individuals passionate about inspiring people to just simply eat more plants.

A Facebook post by Kate further reveals that the business “was born out of a passion for achieving ultimate health, getting kids to eat more fruit and veggies, and helping people make quick, tasty, plant-based food at home”.

Plant B Life also strives to promote wellness and balance through their food, teaching their audience to toss aside the fad diets and calorie counting-obsessions to instead focus on sustainable eating.

Their Facebook and Instagram pages are brimming with countless vegan recipes, how-to videos, and engaging content all surrounding the joy of following a plant-based lifestyle.

To stay up to date on Plant B Life’s store, and for more plant-based goodness, keep an eye on their Facebook page.

To book in for a cooking class dinner, visit

To book out a cooking night for a group of people, email [email protected]

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