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New TV Show To Explore Cyberbullying In Australian Schools

The new SBS drama The Hunting focuses on the issue of cyberbullying and SA’s Cybersafe Families are here to help.

The new SBS drama The Hunting, staring Asher Keddie and Richard Roxburgh, focuses on the rapidly growing issue of cyberbullying in the social media era.

Cyberbullying constantly arises as one of the biggest issues in our digital society. Undeniably, it is a contributing factor to the growing number of children’s mental health problems and teenage suicides.

The series promises to be intense and is undoubtedly timely as it covers issues related to cyberbullying, privacy, online exploitation, toxic masculinity and gender.

The Hunting follows the lives of four teenagers, their teachers and families as they deal with the unbearable consequences of a nude photo-sharing scandal at a local high school.

Local SA business Cybersafe Families is here to help, specialising in cyber safety, education, counselling and working with schools to educate teachers, parents and students.

Cybersafe Families Director, Chris Greene says that the business initially catered primarily for in school education services however, they are seeing an increased demand for in-home sessions, with groups of parents meeting at one house.

“In home group booking have become so popular that we have added a new module to our offerings. I think people don’t feel like they know enough about the cyber safety space and many feel out of touch with the
platforms that their kids are using, so it’s easier to ask these questions in a group environment”, says Mr Greene.

Danielle Verrilli, Cybersafe Families business partner, qualified educator and counsellor says, “we encourage parents to bring their phones and tablets along to our in-home sessions so we can step through some real life scenarios and share practical solutions and recommendations for individuals that can be implemented in their home,”

“We have worked hard to break down the barriers that many parents seem to be facing when it comes to information technology by creating easy to understand information for parents without all the technical jargon”.

Cybersafe Families are certified by the Children’s eSafety Commissioner as an Online Safety Program Provider to deliver online safety programs in Australian schools.

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