Pack Your Bags. Jetstar Now Has Afterpay

Next time your friends book a last minute holiday to somewhere exotic, you can head along too! And you have 8 weeks to pay off the flights. Hooray for Afterpay!

After the shopping gods answered our prayers this weekend, with the news that Westfield is now on board with Afterpay, it seems we also have a way to travel to the destination of our dreams, with the new outfits we just bought! Jetstar now has afterpay.

Now, now, we aren’t saying that you should land yourself in a world of debt, but Afterpay is pretty much the same as using a credit card – it’s debt you need to pay back – and at least Afterpay organises those payments for you, and gets the debt off your back in a manageable amount of time. If you can’t afford to make the payments, don’t do it.

Now back to the fun stuff. Are you keen to go skiing, hit up a tropical island, or check out Europe? The world is your oyster. And if your friends suddenly announce a surprise wedding in Fiji, you can head along to that too. You just need to cover the cost over four equal fortnightly repayments.

To use Afterpay, you must be and Australian resident over the age of 18 and have a current Australian credit or debit card. If available, you can select Afterpay on the payment page on your booking to organise your purchase split over the four payments.

Afterpay is available on all Australian domestic flights where you see the Afterpay logo and a price breakdown at the bottom of the page. Currently, Afterpay is only available for flights booked at least two months in advance of the first flight on the booking.

If you choose to use Afterpay for your Jetstar flights booked online at, a non-refundable payment fee will apply at the time of making the booking, but repayments are interest-free. Afterpay is only available on purchases with a minimum spend of $200 excluding payment fee and a maximum spend of $1000 excluding payment fee.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the flights you can book here.

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