Self-quarantine for those who visited Edinburgh business

A new high risk location has been linked to the Parafield Cluster, and anyone who has visited needs to self-quarantine immediately.

Overnight, SA Health issued a new COVID-19 alert for all South Australians who visited SA Structural in Edinburgh.

Anyone who was at SA Structural, 40-45 Kaurana Ave Edinburgh, between 7:30am and 3:30pm on 12 November 2020 is now required to self-quarantine immediately for 14 days (commencing on the last day on which the person was present at the location) and get a COVID-19 test on day 1 (or as soon as possible) and day 12 of quarantine.

This is a high risk location due to a link with a positive case.

This location is in addition to those listed under the Parafield Cluster Health Alert, which can be found on the SA Health website.

To find a location to get a COVID-19 test please visit the SA Health website.

For more information, please call the SA Health media line on 8226 6488.

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