FIRST LOOK! The Stag Public House Opens This Week

Sitting quietly on the corner of East Terrace and Rundle Street, is iconic Adelaide venue, The Stag Hotel. She’s been through a lot over the past few years, but she’s not ready for retirement yet. After closing her doors several months ago, a new group of come on board to her her the love and attention she needs – and she’s almost ready once again to take on the crowds.

Oliver Brown, Jamie Huffman, Justin Penman, and Josh Talbot have revamped and resurrected the historic hotel, (which dates back to 1849), and given her a slightly new name, The Stag Public House. Craft beer and whiskey enthusiasts Ollie and Josh, have already established the damn good name of NOLA right next door, which is a downright delicious bar if you haven’t already been, so we’re sure The Stag Public House is in very capable hands. Alongside them, is Big Red (aka Jamie), the bar manager, he’s smiley, chatty and very passionate about all things relating beer and wine, he’s also quite a good barista just FYI. Justin Penman is the final piece of the puzzle and will be creating delicious and hearty meals.

We caught up with Ollie, who was kind enough to give us a first look at what is now a youthful, beautiful venue with an earthy colour palette, woody and green tones, all designed by creative genius Matiya Marovich, from Sans Arc Studio. Marovich is into his sustainable materials, which is always good! They’ve pulled it all back to basics and have made the space far more intimate. They’ll have a room specifically for playing pool, and every month they’ll donate the coins collected from the table to a different local charity, sports club or group. Additionally they’ve isolated another room that is now dedicated to watching sport, so those who prefer to have their food and bevvies in a more relaxed area without the distraction of screens and loud commentary now have that option.


Head chef Penman has crafted a special menu consisting of traditional pub meals, while ensuring that everything possible is made in house. Staff will be able to tell their customers exactly where everything comes from, so patrons can enjoy their food and be at ease knowing that what they’re consuming was grown and sourced from only a few kilometres away. The boys have a close relationship with a farmer up near Murray Bridge who already supplies NOLA and Anchovy Bandit with fresh produce, and that will carry over to The Stag Public House too. Customers can expect your classic pub fare flavours and quality, free range meals. Pair that with a beer from Little Bang or a glass of shiraz from the Barossa, and you’re set! Their produce is primarily sourced from South Australia, and the boys are focusing on celebrating Australian products and suppliers.

The bar has all South Australian and Australian products, and is stock full of various beers and locally sourced wines. The boys have teamed up with Little Bang (yes!) and are in the midst of creating some beautiful, beautiful things. However the lads aren’t there to mimic or create a space that is an extension of NOLA, they want this space to be a good, true blue Aussie pub. You’ll be able to get a red tin or a Coopers pale, and the alcohol served will be approachable and easy. There won’t be any focus on a particular type of alcohol, but instead ensure that everyone who comes in will feel comfortable in ordering and know exactly what they’re going to get.


The Stag Public House is set to open on Thursday.

This is all in time for the Adelaide Fringe and Mad March, so we’re super keen to see how The Stag goes during those hectic months, we’re sure it’ll thrive and it will be great to see her in all her glory once again.

Congratulations on the redevelopments and doing such a stunning job with it all! We can’t wait to sink a few brews and sit back with a crumbed-in-house chicken schnitty.

P.s. We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop about the adjoining restaurant, Charlick’s, and everything exciting that’s happening over there!

The Stag Public House
299 Rundle Street, Adelaide, 5000.

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