Soonta Serves Up South Australian Success Story With 10th Store

Soonta serves up South Australian success story with 10th store


Hugely popular Vietnamese fusion food brand Soonta is celebrating 10 years of serving up fresh and healthy cuisine to Adelaide’s on-the-move diners with the opening of its 10th outlet this weekend at Golden Grove.

The brand has grown from its humble, but hectic, beginnings in 2008 when Soonta set up a tiny shop on Waymouth Street which soon had customer line-ups flowing out the door. That little store remains, along with the lunch time line-ups and Soonta’s simple mission: Eat tasty, Eat healthy.

While Soonta is ever-changing as is the nature of life, what remains the same is the simplicity of our purpose: Eat. Love. Food. Fun. Soonta staff have the view that, when you only get to eat three meals a day, it’s important that those meals make you happy.

The way Soonta sees it, balance in our life and in our diet is a big part of cultivating happiness. This is where Soonta comes in. It’s a mantra to live by – live a healthy life, live a happy life.

Soonta’s Vietnamese inspired menu is filled to the brim with nourishing and delicious food, all of which is made fresh daily.

Soonta also is fiercely parochial about its home town and sees itself as a true local brand through and through.

The proudly South Australian founded and owned business, is also proud to source its ingredients locally.

Soonta continues to work with local businesses and its local business partners keep supporting the brand allowing its growth.

Soonta is run by a host of people from a multitude of cultural backgrounds and the Soonta name is known, and attracts enquiries, from both interstate and overseas.

The Soonta brand has grown to this weekend be celebrating the opening of its 10th outlet over Friday and Saturday, May 25 and 26.

The Grand Opening at Golden Grove Village Shopping Centre, Golden Way, will showcase the Soonta product with giveaways of the healthy, tasty Vietnamese inspired food Adelaide diners have come to know and love.

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