Adelaide Fringe

The #ADLFringe Show We Have Been Waiting For Kicks Off This Week!

Head behind the scenes and into the inner workings of a Fringe artist’s mind as we bring you Part Five…

We have listened to her ramblings… No, no we joke. We have delved deep inside her intelligent mind week after week to discover what it is like to be an artist preparing for a Fringe show. And now, Ruth Wilkin brings us her last entry as her show finally opens tonight!

And here it is:

I write this week’s entry sitting in my rented studio apartment in Parkside. Tribute is finally opening at Adelaide Fringe tonight and I get to join the party! I hope you didn’t have too much fun without me.

After a week of final rehearsals, printing scripts, tech plots and boarding passes we finally made it to the airport. My producer and I did all the regular airport-y things:

  • Played a battle of wits with the automatic bag drop machine
  • Took a picture of a glass of champagne next to my boarding pass (as a fellow cabaret artiste recently suggested this was compulsory for any self-respecting tour)
  • Bought some Krispy Kremes
  • Regretted the Krispy Kremes.

From the airport we rushed straight to the ABC studios, to speak with the impressive Peter Goer on 891 Adelaide Radio. His sage advice as we left the interview: “You’ve got to find a way to cut through with Fringe.”

True dat.

Tomorrow I go on a scavenger hunt to find my posters around Adelaide and hit Rundle Mall to spruik the show. My producer has suggested I do not stand and scream “I AM CUTTING THROUGH TO YOU!” while thrusting a flyer at them, as Peter probably meant something a little more sophisticated.  (If you’re around Rundle Mall at 11am today or Saturday at 2pm you can catch me doing my thang.)

I’m also squeezing in a tech before the first preview. God bless all the lovely, patient and switched on (eh?) tech folk of the Fringe. How often they must want to through our scripts at us when we realise none of the cues are where or what we said they would be in the script.

If there’s anything I find more difficult to do (other than use the word ‘pianist’ with straight face and name capital cities of different countries) it’s the hard sell. But here it comes: Tribute runs from the 3rd – 14th March, 9:45pm at the Tuxedo Cat. It’s a comedy cabaret written for intelligent, classy people who are fabulous – so if that’s not you, then I’m sorry you cannot come. However, if you are this breed of wonderful person, then get yourself a ticket, tell your friends and meet me for a drink in the bar afterwards.

Now I must eat that last Krispy Kreme and get some beauty rest. See you after opening weekend.

To read more about Ruth and her journey to get here, head here. And break a leg, Ruth!

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