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Sequins, False Lashes And Vodka; What An Artist Needs To Prepare For #ADLFringe

Head behind the scenes and into the inner workings of a Fringe artist’s mind as we bring you Part Four…

Getting inside the inner workings of a Fringe artists mind in the lead up to their Fringe show has been somewhat interesting… Ruth Wilkin who is heading to Adelaide for her show TRIBUTE, has given us PART ONEPART TWO and PART THREE

And this week, things are getting down to the nitty gritty…

It is officially just over a week until I open and thus I begin the last minute preparations: shopping for props and costume pieces, checking ticket sales incessantly and bombarding social media with witty yet original ways of promoting the show – without sounding like a desperado.

I’ve secured a supply of false eyelashes (my rule of thumb here is if you can open your eyes easily they’re neither thick nor long enough), bought enough Vitamin C to build the immune system of a small country and invested in a bottomless supply of vodka. I have also had my Bedazzler out putting finishing touches on my costume. After all, people have paid good money to see me and I want them to see where their money has gone.

Meanwhile I’m on social media using the hashtag #ADLFringe on every tweet, post and picture to promote my show:
Posting a picture of that delish dinner I just whipped up? #ADLFringe
My friend puts a picture of her kid on Facebook? ‘She’s gorgeous! #ADLFringe
Those idiots from My Kitchen Rules didn’t check the pork crackling? ‘What were they thinking??? #ADLFringe.

But besides doing my own show, I’m excited to get out and use my artist pass! That little piece of cardboard is going to get a bigger workout than my liver when I finish Feb Fast.

On my list of must-sees I have: Ginger and Tonic in Desperate and Dateless, Amelia Ryan in Lady Liberty (who can resist a stunning Adelaide girl in a cabaret?), Tessa Waters in Over Promises, HART, Aunty Donna in New Show, Shane Adamczak’s show Trampoline (also at Tuxedo Cat), Colin Hay, FAG/STAG and Hans in Viva Hans Vegas (even though I feel this performance may make me feel inadequate in the sequin department).

In the words of John Denver: “My bags are packed, I’m ready to go”, and to a lesser extent: “Will I ever catch another butterfly?”.

The final countdown is on. #ADLFringe.

Ruth Wilkin is an award-winning cabaret performer and writer, bringing her self-deprecating and witty comedy to Adelaide with TRIBUTE: The Story of [INSERT CELEBRITY]’s Rise to Fame at the Tuxedo Cat from Mar 3 – 14 at 9:45pm.

Follow her at @wilkinruth / Ticket info is here.

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