The Big Wedgie is back and opening this weekend!

Family favourite, The Big Wedgie is back at West Beach Parks this weekend and for the length of the school holidays

Family favourite, The Big Wedgie is back at West Beach Parks this weekend and for the length of the school holidays, guaranteeing hours of thrill-seeking slippery, slidey, soaked-up fun for kids and adults alike.

Located right next to the Mega Adventure Park, The Big Wedgie is listed as the world’s tallest and most extreme standalone inflatable waterslide, recommended from ages seven and up, it has a world record to back up its fame.

But that’s not the only attraction at the site! If you want more, The Big Chucka slide promises an unimaginable wedgie with an 80-degree plunge that will throw you into the air, landing on an inflatable landing pad – for ages ten an up, it’s your inner stunt-mans wildest dream!

If that’s not quite for you, The Just Right Wedgie is for those looking for a slide that’s the perfect amount of ‘wedgable’ intensity, with the right amount of thrill. Otherwise you can give The Little Wedgie a go, the smallest of them all, it’s a mini version of its bigger brother, so its perfect for the younger ones – not to mention Adelaide’s also home to The Little Skidda, an awesome take on the inflatable slip’n’slide. All of these suitable for kids three and up.

This family-friendly waterslide event has been entertaining young and old through the school holidays across the country, offering something for all ages and thrill-levels.

The Big Wedgie itself stands at a huge 18.2 metres tall and is 82 metres long with a 55-degree slope guaranteed to get your stomach flipping. Not to mention, there’s three lanes, so you can race your mates at the same time!

The Big Wedgie will be at West Beach Parks from Saturday 10 December 2022 until 26 February 2023. There’s no need to book as you can grab your tickets on site.

Find The Big Wedgie at West Beach Parks, Military Rd, West Beach (Next to Mega Adventure)

For Tickets and more info, head to The Big Wedgie website.

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