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The DripClub – Has The Hangover Been Cured?

Markus Hammence swears that his hangover was significantly improved… first rule of The Drip Club; talk to everyone about it.

Health and vitality, as always, are at the forefront of people minds. We want not only to look fabulous but we also want to FEEL fabulous. Well folks, stress no longer. I stumbled across the brilliant solution to this. Over a long Friday lunch with a friend, which leaned more so towards a few good glasses wine, I mentioned that I was also bracing for a big night out in town alas with a few MORE good glasses of wine and I therefore didn’t expect to be up and perky at the gym on Saturday morning. But, it was then that my life radically changed forever and I first heard of The DripClub. Sound mysterious and dramatic right? Well, my friend tells me it’s an intravenous nutrient ‘thing’! I was curious. He went on. Turns out it boosts your energy levels and best of all, a session of it before going out for an action packed night eases that hangover quite substantially the next morning, you wake up fresh as a daisy.

I HAD to try it.
I did. I loved it. I’m hooked.
The first rule of DripClub, talk to everyone about DripClub.
So I spoke with Kim Papp, owner of The DripClub, and got the lowdown on this intravenous nutrient ‘thing’!

Q: First things first… what is The Drip Club?
A: The Dripclub is a boutique clinical practice which offers Intravenous (IV) Vitamin and Mineral Drips for health, wellness and vitality. We’ve taken a traditional medical treatment and given it a modern twist, giving you access to IV Nutrients in a friendly and relaxed medical standard environment.  We also offer functional testing such as Geneome testing, gut biome testing and food intolerance testing to really empower our patients to take an active role in their health.

Q: How long has is been around for?
A: We have been offering this kind of treatment in Adelaide for about a year and a half.

Q: What are the benefits?
A: The main benefit is that IVs deliver high dose antioxidants directly into the blood stream.  This reduces internal inflammation and oxidative stress.  IV nutrients have been used by integrative practitioners in clinical practice for decades and have an incredible safety record.  This means we can deliver higher dosages safely with no absorption issues commonly experienced by oral supplements.
Ideally, we obtain most of our nutrients though our diet and through our processes within the body, including the action of bacteria in the gut. However, there are circumstances – such as disease, stress, physical training etc. – additional nutrients may be helpful.  In such cases, IV supplementation may be beneficial and even prevent and support the body fight disease. These benefits of intravenous delivery may also be because if nutrients are taken in large doses orally might:
· adversely affect the gut;
· the person may have problems with absorption;
· the best form of the nutrient may not be well tolerated; or
· a rapid response is needed;
all of the above may not be achieved through oral supplementation.

Q. What can you expect from a treatment?
A: On your first consultation you will come in for a blood and urine test.  This will take about half an hour to perform and must be done before your first infusion.  We will then prepare your IV nutrient cocktail and hook you up.  You will then get to chill out in one of our recliners in “The Lounge”, read a book or watch a movie.  All this while relaxing with an organic beverage such as our probiotic elixirs, bone broth, specialty teas and real organic expresso coffee!

Q: Who is the service orientated towards?
A: Athletes and working professionals who have increased stress and may benefit from additional nutritional support

Q: How long does it take for a session?
A: Initial consultation takes about an hour and a half as blood and urine tests are performed.  Ongoing about half an hour to 45 minutes.

Q: How regularly should a client return for a session for optimum health and ongoing results?
A: It depends on the patient and the reasons for the infusion.  Some people will have a greater need for supplementation, such as people with a cold or flu, cancer patients or athletes during competition.  Most of our clients find that once a fortnight to once a month is adequate for their needs.

Q: What does the future see for The DripClub?
A: I see a future where we will be really busy! There is a tiredness epidemic and people are looking for a solution – that’s why coffee and caffeine and sugar laden energy drinks are so popular.  No one has the time to be sick and everyone is ‘ON’ 24/7.   IV nutrients provide a quick fix for most people, but without the negative impacts of substances (like energy drinks) which unhealthy and tax the adrenal system.  While we always give lifestyle and dietary advice as part of our ongoing care but IVs can really make a difference in how people feel.

And the second rule of DripClub? Once is never enough.

The DripClub
74 Unley Rd, Unley, South Australia
Call (08) 8172 1115

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