Voluntary assisted dying law passes SA’s Parliament

In the early hours of this morning, a bill to allow euthanasia to be legal in South Australia was passed through Parliament.

Image credit: Voluntary Assisted Dying South Australia.

In the early hours of this morning 10 June 2021, a bill to allow euthanasia to be legal was passed in South Australia for the first time in the states history.

The legislation was debated by MPs for six hours and was only voted i the early hours of this morning, Thursday 10 June, with 33 in favour and 11 opposed.

This comes as the 17th attempt to pass through South Australia’s Lower House and if it continues to pass through the Upper House, South Australia will become the fourth state in the country to legalise assisted dying.

The news comes after a long push by campaigners to in favour of legalising assisted dying, with campaigns ramping up outside Parliament House in the lead up to this mornings announcement.

Katrine Hildyard MP took to LinkedIn this morning and paid thanks to campaigners who dedicated their time to push for the move and acknowledged their history making efforts.

“Much love and gratitude to beautiful Kyam Maher MLC – whose deep, calm determination, love for his Mum and whole family and incredibly hard work and wisdom drove the passage of this bill. Love and thanks also to the truly marvellous Susan Close MP whose grace, dignity, respect and huge intellect saw the bill carried through the House,” she wrote.

“To the parliamentarians who crafted careful, heartfelt amendments presented to us with clarity of purpose and reflection on their communities and conscience, thank you, and thank you to every MP who shared their journey and what was in their minds and hearts during the debate.”

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