Warning: This Review Of Low & Slow American BBQ Will Leave You Drooling

Warning: This Review Of Low & Slow American BBQ Will Leave You Drooling

Forget slow and steady, Low & Slow wins the race with their BBQ goodness…


This is a story of three guys with a dream to bring the traditional American BBQ to Adelaide. Following a car trip around the US, they fell in love with this style of cooking and two and a half years ago, decided to try it out to see how it fit in Adelaide.

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It all began with a food truck bought off Gumtree, and so Low & Slow American BBQ was born (and thank goodness too). Because, well, we all loved it. It was an instant success, with people lapping up the tender, juicy meats all around town.

Most of you would have seen the food truck around the traps of Adelaide – it developed a cult following across Adelaide and there were usually huge queues to get hands on the delicious fare every lunchtime.

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After driving around satisfying the taste buds of many Adelaideans, the opportunity arose to take their wheels off-road and set up shop. So the BBQ Kings, Angus, Angus and Jim, supported by Renew Adelaide’s urban renewal program, went to work establishing their new home near the Lighthouse and wharf down at the Port. The cosy space seems perfect for them.

They managed to get their restaurant together in just eight weeks of hard work and Glam were luck enough to get a sneak peek (and taste) of what we can all expect when they open. Well, where do we begin…

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The food is every bit as good as it was by the roadside. Warning: this is not a first date place. It’s seriously messy and there are not enough napkins for how juicy the meat was. Their ribs are easily the best we have ever had. Just finger-licking, mouth-wateringly delicious. And there were burgers, burgers, burgers. We tried beef brisket, pulled pork and don’t stress vegos, they even cater for you.

Other dishes you’re likely to see on their menu when they open next week are the mac n’ cheese, smoked turkey breast, ‘slaw and cornbread.

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Meat lovers, this one is for you. Whether you tried their delicious food from the truck or not, you will want to get to the restaurant where you can have a drink, relax and let them serve you (minus the long queues). And if you didn’t try them in the truck, what are you waiting for?! Get down to Low & Slow at the Port- we know we will be back!

You can read even more about this awesome story here.

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