What happens in Vegas: Redfoo rubs shoulders with Hollywood legends

This week sees the release of the much anticipated Last Vegas, a comedy boasting a cast of Hollywood legends and an appearance by Australia’s most recently adopted son, Redfoo.

© Universal Pictures. All Rights reserved
© Universal Pictures. All Rights reserved

Story by Libby Parker

This week sees the release of the much anticipated Last Vegas, a comedy boasting a cast of Hollywood legends and an appearance by Australia’s most recently adopted son, Redfoo.

Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro play a group of lifelong friends who get together to celebrate the bucks’ party of Billy (Douglas), the last remaining bachelor of the group.

The group of sixty-somethings head to Las Vegas for a weekend of silver-haired shenanigans and one last roll of the dice that earns them more than they bargained for, particularly Paddy (De Niro) who in one scene is treated to a close up of Redfoo’s infamous ‘wiggle’.

Speaking from LA, where he is working on a TV sitcom, Redfoo said he was thrilled to be involved with Last Vegas with four of the biggest names in cinema.

“LastVegas were looking for a DJ to be in a party scene. I put some creative ideas out there and all of a sudden I’m on the set, and I get the final script and it said I get to wiggle on De Niro! It was incredible. All the actors were the nicest people. Very classy,” he said.

LastVegasBut the idea of being in the movie business isn’t new to Redfoo and adds to his list of successes, which include a recording career with his band LMFAO, a current solo career, a role as a judge on X Factor and his La Freak clothing line.

He is enthusiastic about being involved in more film projects, including creating one of his own.

“I’ve always dreamed of starring in or writing a movie, and some friends and I wrote a movie. We finished the first draft and then I got busy with the X Factor so I have to revisit it. I love acting and a movie is a best way to entertain because you’ve got visual, you’ve got music; it’s life recreated. You can really express yourself to the fullest with a movie,” he said.

The theme of friendship past and present runs through Last Vegas and even with a full schedule and a head overflowing with creative ideas, Redfoo says he still finds time to see his friends, family and his girlfriend, former world number one tennis player Victoria Azarenka.

“My friends are the people I work with. My man Q lives in the same house, the Shuffle Box lives at the house – he’s responsible for cleaning up everything. Charlie Pearl is around the house. So these are the crew I take on the road when I do my DJ sets. My girl’s really busy playing tennis but she is really interested in everything I do. I kind of just involve everybody in what I’m doing and then it becomes fun,” he said.

With Berry Gordy (founder of Motown Records) as a father and having grown up in family of music legends, Redfoo (born Stefan Kendal Gordy) remains grounded about his role as a performer and celebrity.

“One of the most important things I’ve learned is that no matter where you’re working, you have to be pleasant. If you are hard to work with, you can always be replaced. There are people who think they have licence to be unpleasant but they’re the ones who fade away. I saw that a lot before I went into the business. Your profession is your environment and I learned that if I can be a leader at that then people will always want to work with me,” he said.

His family are supportive of all of his projects but unlike the overprotective son of Morgan Freeman’s character in Last Vegas, Redfoo said he’d never disapprove of his dad living it up at a bachelor party.

“I would party with him and challenge him to a dance off! He is the most ridiculous dancer! It’s like, what is that, the chicken? He’s so cool. He’s got so much swag. He can shuffle, he can wiggle, he just does moves that you’ve never seen before but he’s so confident with the moves he’s doing, he looks good,” he laughed.

Redfoo said his next visit to Australia isn’t far away and, although Bondi Beach is his favourite place in the country, has promised to visit Adelaide at some stage on his return.

Last Vegas opens in cinemas February 6. (http://www.lastvegas.com.au)

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