World Emoji Day Is This Weekend And We Have All The Hard Hitting Emoji Facts You Need

So it turns out we all love the monkey with its hands over its eyes. And top emoji by country? Australia is totally predictable. Check out all the emoji stats and info released today.

In anticipation of #WorldEmojiDay this Sunday 17th July, Twitter has today released data to celebrate texts’ best friend, which reveals how these little characters help us express emotion and tell stories on a daily basis.
Whether it’s an Australian member of parliament throughout the #ausvotes campaign, a Beyoncé fan, or even stars reacting to #BREXIT, people around the world are expressing themselves through emojis more than ever before.  
Twitter has compiled the top emojis used on Twitter in Australia and around the world, as well as the most popular emojis in the sport, animals, music, fashion, and food & drink categories. And the top emoji by country? Well, Australia’s is pretty predictable…
To celebrate, Twitter has also today launched a custom #WorldEmojiDay emoji, whenever the hashtag is Tweeted.
Data shows that some emojis are more popular than others depending on the season. See below for what emojis shined most for each month of the year 📆:
The data also shows us a few fun facts about how emojis are Tweeted:
  • People Tweet more beer emojis 🍻 than coffee emojis
  • Twitter has a favorite emoji monkey, the see no evil monkey 🙈
  • There are more full heart emojis 💗 Tweeted than broken heart emojis 💔

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