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Your Guide To SA Oyster Farms & Getting Your Oysters Direct

Procuring oysters is now made easy with our guide to oyster farmers and where to get yours direct (with Easter cut off dates)!


There’s nothing quite like fresh oysters, and South Australia is well known for providing some of the best oysters around. With Coffin Bay, Kangaroo Island, Smoky Bay, and more being household names around the world for sensational quality – the best is so close to home.

Procuring oysters is now made easy with our guide to oyster farmers in SA and where to get yours direct!

Kangaroo Island Premium Oysters

Established on Eastern Cove of Kangaroo Island in 2008 by Ken and Amanda Rowe, Kangaroo Island oysters are grown along the wild coastline of Kangaroo Island in the clean, pristine waters of the Southern Ocean.

Deep water and intertidal farming techniques are used to grow premium oysters delivering a salty crisp taste with cucumber and melon tones. They also farm the Kangaroo Island Native Angasi oyster which has a rich mineralised flavour with a lingering after taste.


If you’re in Adelaide, you can get your oysters delivered. There’s a flat $30 fee for delivery for 1-2 boxes (around 15 dozen per box or mix it up with their other seafood on offer).

If you’re in Yankalilla/Normanville, pick up from 21 Junk St. If you’re on KI, there’s also delivery/pick up points for different regions on the island.

Kangaroo Island Premium Oysters are $13 per dozen, whole shell (closed) or $18 per dozen shucked.

If you’re interested in other sustainable seafood, they also offer local seafood including prawns, crayfish, abalone, abalini, sheoak smoked oysters and local fish (tommies, garfish, whiting etc.).

More info at and

Zippel’s Smoky Bay Oysters

Zippel’s Smoky Bay Oysters are a family based oyster farming operation based in Smoky Bay, South Australia. They’ve been growing oysters in one of SA’s prime conditioning and growing regions for over 30 years.

Zippels Smoky Bay Oysters has now expanded to included the highly pristine waters of Saint Peters Island, located near Ceduna. From their juvenile oysters at Saint Peters Island and then finishing at Smoky Bay, they enjoy the best of both of both growing regions to enhance that salty sweet flavour that the region has become famous for.


Oysters have to be collected in Adelaide but they can also include freight to make it an easy over the phone payment for the customer.

Large unopened oysters are $11 per dozen and the minimum order is 10 dozen. Opened large oysters in oyster trays and a foam box including gel ice pack are $14 per dozen. Minimum order is 20 dozen for opened oysters.

Oysters will need to be collected from McEvoy Transport, 6 Railway Terrace Dry Creek.

More info at

Mooka Oysters

Mooka Oysters is a family owned and operated business, running parallel to the Eyre Island, South Australia, and providing sensational Smoky Bay oysters.


Their premium, exclusive product has a minimum order of five dozen (d$12 a dozen) and free door delivery for Adelaide metro.

For more info and to order your own, head to

West Coast Oysters

A small family run business farming Pacific Oysters in Coffin Bay. Their oysters are grown in the remote, pure and unspoilt waterways of Coffin Bay. 


Collection of oysters on Thursday, 9th April at Dennis Transport – Unit 4/261 Schumacher Road, Wingfield.

Minimum order is 10 dozen, for 10-19 dozen, the price is $12/dozen, for 20 dozen and more, the price is $11/dozen.

Freight from Coffin Bay to the collection depot is included.

More info at

Oysters 2u

With farms in Cowell and Coffin Bay, they offer some of the best quality oysters.

On their Facebook, they’ve said that Coffin Bay & Franklin Harbour Oysters, when stored correctly in the vegetable crisper of your fridge, will last you through lent and over Easter long weekend.


Free delivery for:

Wednesday, April 8th:
Adelaide North & East Suburbs

Thursday, April 9th:
Adelaide South & West Suburbs

Their prices: Plates/Medium
$14.50/doz for orders of 5doz+
$13.50/doz for orders of 20doz+

Oyster Knives are $5 each.

More info at

Cowell Seafood Producers

Quality Pacific Oysters grown in the Pristine waters of Cowell’s, Franklin Harbour on the Eyre Peninsula of SA. Pride, Passion and Commitment to their product and customers is their focus.


With a $10/dozen plus freight and packaging, their minimum order is 15dozen. Freight becomes cheaper the more you purchase.

Collection from Smith Haulage Depot, 454 Grand Junction Rd, Angle Park

Delivery charges apply.

More info at

Smoky Bay Oysters

Their family owned & operated oyster farm is driven by a proud history of primary production & a passion to be on the water. Nurturing sweet, first-class quality pacific oysters in the pristine, nutrient-rich waters of Smoky Bay. 

Their rich, meaty, fresh from the bay oysters are jammed pack full of goodness.


For 25-30 dozen sacks from $10/dozen plus $12 freight & a FREE oyster shucker (while stocks last).

With $10/dozen plate oysters – minimum order of 25 dozen.

Pick up from McEvoy Transport Depot – 6 Railway Terrace, Dry Creek (confirmed orders only – no drop in purchases).

More info at

Pristine Oyster Farm

Pristine Oyster Farm is located in Coffin Bay, with over 25 years experience in the oyster industry. Their oysters are grown in some of the most pristine of waters giving them a delicious creamy texture with a sweet yet salty goodness of flavour. They have won Champion Oysters four times at the Sydney Fine Food Show.


You can order online on their website, they do not charge for delivery within a 20km radios of the CBD, and your order is delivered direct to your door, when ordering five dozen oysters delivered direct to your door $75.

Alternative or special pickups they can be arranged with an email for discussion at [email protected].

More info at

If you are an SA Oyster farmer and would like to be included in our guide, please email [email protected].


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