100 portraits. 100 words of inspiration.

Photo of Kate @ Arcade Lane (Adelaide Fringe 2010)100 portraits. 100 words of inspiration.

What truly inspires you in life?

Sounds like a simple question. Yet answering honestly is deceivingly complicated. Many of us have never stopped to really think of it in such plain terms. Take a moment (or two) to respond, even if it is just to yourself. Enlightening.

Now, what could possibly inspire “other people”? Are each of us so unique that every answer would be radically different?

This question set photographer Hector Perez-Nieto on a mission. The project started small and straightforward: Photograph Adelaideans right where their everyday life is happening; convince them to open up and share their deepest inspiration in life.

The collection maintains a visual coherence, a sense of unity. Close ups focus the attention on the individual and seem to flow past their eyes and into their hearts. These are not the typical street shots. They portray the beauty within each subject. Hence the hero shots seem just appropriate.

The Urban Spotlight project began timidly one night on Rundle street. Since then, West Beach, the Gilles St market and recently the Arcade Lane during Adelaide Fringe, have been among the locations.

The following, is the first 100 photographs shot during a three month period. Scroll laterally or click on any image to zoom in. By all means, view full screen (the arrows icon), it is well worth it.

If you are wondering what are their inspirations, this infographic may give you an idea. Those which were most frequently mentioned, appear larger. It is reassuring that many universal values such as family, friends, love or even music, are among the most common. As for fashion? Well… maybe Adelaide just can’t help looking good!

100 Words of Inpiration


Hector Perez-Nieto is a photographer, online marketing strategist and recent dad. Visit his blog at or follow him on Twitter @tremblestudio

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