A New Take On Pilates Opens This July Along The Parade

A New Take On Pilates Opens This July Along The Parade

Like some sort of synchronized swimmer except on a machine, you can strengthen and improve flexibility without the impact of a conventional workout at the new Studio Pilates on The Parade.


If laying down to tone up sounds like your kind of exercise, then pilates is for you. Though if you try to argue that sleeping is therefore a type of pilates, we’re sorry but you’re not quite there.

Pilates is all about resistance and muscle balance. Using the a machine called a reformer, which make you look like some sort of synchronized swimmer on ground, you can strengthen and improve flexibility without the impact of a conventional work out. And it’s not quite like Yoga, there are no chakra’s involved. Just a lot of sore muscles afterwards!

Studio Pilates is a new resident to The Parade, and will open their first South Australian studio in two weeks.
It a place where regular Pilates meets the gym for a full-body workout that targets core muscles through controlled movements and breathing to promote strength, weight loss, posture and balance. Think Pilates with a facelift! The studio is decked out with dark timber floors, chic black leather reformer machines, crystal chandeliers and flat screen TVs. You instantly feel relaxed, a tad glamorous and if you’re a newcomer to reformer Pilates, you’re still blissfully unaware of “the most intense workout” you’re about to complete.

Studio Pilates, NorwoodIt’s a little intimidating as you approach your reformer machine but thankfully the pre-recorded workouts displayed on LCDs around the room will instruct you through every move, leaving more time for your instructor to focus their attention on you. So fear not, it’s hard to get it totally wrong, whether you’re a beginner or well advanced (phew!). A few awkward positions later and you’ll start to get the hang of it, so don’t stress too much if you’re a newbie because everyone’s in the same boat on the same machine. And make no mistake; this is not an easy workout folks. Not that any workout ever has proven to be easy, unless you actually believe those midnight infomercials (you don’t, do you?)

Pilates is notoriously famous for sculpting the bodies of A-listers like Jennifer Anniston, Kate Hudson and Miranda Kerr for good reasons! You’ll definitely feel the burn during your 45-minute class, working muscles you didn’t even realize you had. The great thing about reformer Pilates is that you can go once a week or 7 days a week – it’s super gentle on your back and neck. It’s also safe during pregnancies, renowned for rehabilitating injuries and can be tailored to suit all ages. All the good things!

You won’t find the high price tag that comes with regular reformer Pilates classes or one-on-one sessions either. A class at Studio Pilates will only set you back roughly around $25 per session (though they are running a $10 per class introductory offer if you get in touch quick!)

Grab your friend, mum, brother, next door neighbour and sign up for one of Studio Pilates’ orientation classes. You can all pretend to be a part of a team, buy matching tees and get into the spirit of lying on your back to work out.

Studio Pilates opens its doors at 121B The Parade, Norwood on July 16. Don’t miss out on their introductory offer, sign up and book your first class here.

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