A Positive Life: Take One Step Up!

Forget taking a step back, this is all about taking a step up…

How many situations have been in where you’re at the point of distress that you just don’t know what to do with the situation and your feelings towards it just get deeper and stronger? Now think about the feeling of the weight of those feelings being lifted because you were able to walk away from the situation feeling content with just leaving it, letting it go, or agreeing to disagree…

This week we have hit up our resident Life Coach Mayanthi to find out more about how we can let go of those negative feelings and move on.

Often, when we are so engrossed in something that is causing us distress, we attach ourselves to the negative feelings that we experience in those situations such as sadness, anger and frustration.

Even if you want to let go of the situation we are likely to have separation anxiety from these feelings. We don’t know how to fully let go of these feelings and just decide to move on, give in or give up.

It is really difficult to just let something go. We don’t want to feel defeated or be someone who gives up easily. We want to be fighters not quitters. But when you really think about it, how much energy does it take out of you to continue fighting? And is what you are trying to achieve actually worth such a fight? Now, not to say you should give up on everything but maybe there’s a way to detach yourself from a stressful situation, just a bit, to make it easier without having to fully give up.

Here’s what I propose:

Start with the age-old remedy of taking one step back. This step back allows you to think about what it is that is actually causing you distress. Once you identify the cause you can start working towards sorting it out. However, most often it is simply not as easy as it sounds. So what I further propose is taking one step up and analysing the situation whilst getting a birds eye view. Take yourself out of the situation and look at what has actually happened from above, so you’re getting the whole picture rather than the distorted view from your corner.

Be objective and think about the situation from an outsider’s point of view. Notice if your response, feelings, attitudes are different. It may also help to remember what’s important to you in your life right now and how much importance the situation in question has in comparison.

Let me know if taking a step up has helped you move on in your life. I would love to hear your feedback, so let me know via my email: [email protected].

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