Adelaide Now Has A Gin Named After It

Meet South Australia’s newest gin.


Given our love for it, it’s not hard to believe that if Adelaide was a spirit it’d be a gin.

And Adelaide now has a gin named after it!

Launching this week, Adelaide Gin is a new artisan small batch distilled gin.

Behind the creation is local Michael Hickinbotham, who wanted to make a truly unique gin that shows the character of Adelaide (even the label reflects the copper that Adelaide Settlers built the city’s foundation on).

With a family background in the wine and fortified spirits industry, Michael travelled the world to learn from the best about what makes a top gin. He then partnered with academic and friend Dr Graham Jones and his team to craft a unique gin that incorporates local and native botanicals.

The result is a true London dry gin, enhanced by local and native South Australian botanicals.

“It’s taken Graham and I the best part of a year to develop and fine-tune the recipe; we wanted it to be perfect. We were able to use the University of Adelaide still at the Waite Campus to bring to life a gin that we are both incredibly proud of,” said Michael.

“The flavours in the gin are floral in nature, built up using a traditional range of spices including cardamom, juniper, oris, coriander, and nutmeg, as well as the beautiful richness of Kangaroo Island lavender,” said Graham.

Both Michael and Graham recommend letting the gin speak for itself by serving it neat, on ice. Those who prefer to mix their gin should serve it with something that compliments the floral nature, such as a light tonic with a sliver of orange. Alternatively, Elderflower makes a lovely pairing.

Adelaide Gin is available for purchase online here. And during Fringe you can also get it from behind the bar at East End Cellars.

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