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Adelaide’s new multi-level arts precinct opens a unique restaurant: Aurora

Sitting alongside The Lab, a multi-level arts venue, Aurora has the former d’Arenberg Cube chef, Brendan Wessels at the helm.

Photos by Jack Fenby.

Brand-new restaurant Aurora has opened in the newly launched multi-level arts precinct, Light Adelaide. The restaurant aims to create a unique dining set to capture the essence of sustainability and authenticity.

Sitting alongside The Lab, a multi-level arts venue also under the Light Adelaide umbrella, Aurora has the former d’Arenberg Cube chef, Brendan Wessels, at the helm.

South Africa-born Wessels is introducing custom-built braai with chargrilled vegetables and meats onto the Japanese and Korean influenced menu. With various cultures acting as inspiration, expect to see ample fire-cooked fish, chicken, octopus, broccoli and shallots.

Aurora has two menus (à la carte options and a tasting menu) ranging influence from Korea and Japan, to the Middle East (bulgur wheat or say), the Mediterranean (semolina gnocchi) and Australia (Australian salmon). 

By purchasing their ingredients from local sources covering the quality and experience of real produce, Aurora aspires to provide an authentic, socially progressive and a sustainable movement. 

The Lab opened recently with vibrant LED screen graphics, blindfolded saxophone players, and copious food and drinks, preceded the launch of Aurora.

The Light Adelaide, a not-for-profit arts venue, was created through Light Social Enterprise. Founded by Nick and Sophie Dunstone, the duo are aiming to highlight the importance of financially sustainable businesses, training staff equally, and paying staff fairly.

Find Aurora at 63 Light Square. 

For more updates check out Aurora’s Instagram.

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