Award-winning Kangaroo Island Spirits bringing ‘Cocktails by the Sea’ to the Stamford Grand

Kangaroo Island Spirits is collaborating with the Stamford Grand to bring an indulgent 5-course cocktail and canape event for this year’s Tasting Australia.

Award-winning distillery, Kangaroo Island Spirits, is sending its best to the Stamford Grand’s charming Horizons Cocktail Lounge for an afternoon of cocktails and canape pairings.

Soak up panoramic views of Glenelg Beach through Horizons’ floor to ceiling windows, while sipping on spirits that have received international recognition.

At Stamford Grand’s ‘Cocktails by the Sea’ event, five delicious cocktails will be prepared by Stamford’s mixologists, each paired with gourmet canapes that would make even the most seasoned foodie hungry.

Guests will begin with the Wild G & T (Wild Gin, Fever tree tonic & Lemon juice), paired with a Cuban Mojo pork sandwich. Mojo pork, if you’ve never heard of it, is juicy, succulent, and slow cooked – often with notes of garlic and citrus. This will pair well with the lemon juice-infused G & T, and will be a refreshing first course.

Next up will be the Passionate Pav (O’Gin, Zenzerino, Lime juice & Passionfruit pulp), paired with Glazed lamb cutlet with beetroot and ginger relish. Zenzerino is a spicy traditional Italian liqueur, with splashes of fresh ginger and orange zest. The ginger relish on the lamb cutlet seems like the perfect choice for this pairing, and we can only imagine how it will taste!

The third round will feature the Coastal Margarita (Vodka slap, Lemon juice & Triple sec vok), paired with Stamford Grand’s Fish Taco. The slight sweetness of fish pairs well with vodka, as vodka is less likely to overwhelm a dish. Fish tacos are often light and garnished with lime juice and sour cream – a delectable seaside morsel.

The second to last round for this spectacular ‘Cocktails by the Sea’ event will be the Limoncello sorbet (Limoncello), paired with coconut battered garfish, sweet basil and chilli jam. After Campari, Limoncello is the most popular liqueur to originate from Italy. The core ingredient is as it sounds – lemon zest. So, get ready to pucker your lips! But accompanied by the coconut battered garfish, the course will likely be a perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Finally, the Stamford Grand will present guests with a scrumptious dessert round: Mulberry Bramble (KIS Mulberry gin, Lemon juice & soda to top), paired with the smooth Tiramisu tartlet. The Mulberry Gin is a premium seasonal gin, made with hand-picked local mulberries, which presents flavours that are sweet, rich, and elegant. As the gin melts into the creamy, spongy layers of the tiramisu, this is sure to be a delicious ending to this exclusive cocktail event.

In 2021, Kangaroo Island Spirits was awarded a combination of Platinum, Double Gold, Gold, and Consumer Choice Awards for all five of their gins at the prestigious SIP Awards in Newport Beach, California.

The distiller also won a whole string of silver medals for their gins at the 2021 International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC). This came after winning gold at the IWSC in 2020 – holy moly! Definitely taste test for yourselves and see what all the fuss is about.

Where: Stamford Grand Adelaide, 2 Jetty Road, Adelaide SA 5045.

When: 1 May 2022, 12:30 – 3:30pm

Tickets: $149

Find out more about this event here.

This event can cater to vegetarian, vegan, coeliac and dairy free dietary requirements. For any other requirements please contact the event organiser prior to purchasing.

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