Brand new Van Dough Cafe sweetens up West Beach

After an extremely sucsessful run as a pop up van, Van Dough have offically opened their first cafe in West Beach – bringing their deliciously cusine to their first perminant location.

After an extremely successful run as a pop-up van, Van Dough has officially opened their first cafe in West Beach – bringing their delicious cuisine to their first permanent location.

Whether you’ve got a hankering for a doughnut and milkshake or a huge AB, Van Dough has it all.

Owners Danielle Davey and Angela Creagh are incredibly excited to see this new cafe come to life and to share this new venture with their large fan base that has been following the infamous Van Dough van around for years.

“Angela and I had been thinking about venturing out and creating something for a long time now, Angela’s husband owns and runs the popular Van Dough vans and after numerous conversations, we all decided that we should open a Van Dough Cafe,” Danielle explained.

“Once we stumbled upon the perfect location in West Beach, we just knew it was the right time and that we had to go for it.”

Van Dough Cafe is situated in the stunning surroundings of West Beach, adjacent to the skate park and a community well-known to both Danielle and Angela, they’re hopeful that this new cafe can be much more than a dining destination.

“We’re all about community and supporting locals which is why we’ve got plans to make Van Dough Cafe the community hub of the area,” Danielle explained.

“Through Van Dough we’re hopeful we can create a safe and inviting space for all community members, we’re right next to the skate park and nestled in nature so we’re becoming a hot spot for families and people of all ages.”

If you’re a lover of Van Dough, and beautiful views and require a new breakfast or lunch spot, this one is for you. Van Dough will be open and serving everyone their infamous hand-made doughnut, burgers, AB packs and much more in West Beach.

“Van Dough Cafe is our baby, we’re so proud of it and the response has been incredible, we’re very excited to see where the future takes us.”

Van Dough Cafe will be open and serving 5 days a week from Wednesday to Sunday for breakfast, lunch and into the afternoon.

Where: 1 Africaine Road West Beach Adelaide, SA, Australia 5024

For more information, click here.

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