Cubs the word – pitter-patter of paws at Monarto

Monarto Safari Park has roar-some news and we’d be lion to say we weren’t excited! Eight-year-old Lioness, Husani is pregnant!

Monarto Safari Park has roar-some news and we’d be lion to say we weren’t excited!

Eight-year-old lioness, Husani is pregnant with blood tests confirming the amazing news earlier this week.

Assistant Curator Carnivores and Ungulates, Anna Bennett, said it was an exciting time for everyone at the park with Husani showing off her particularly pronounced belly.

“It is very exciting for everyone at Zoos SA, not only because we will welcome some very cute new additions but also as part of our wider breeding and conservation programs,” she said.

“Husani was a beautiful mother and very attentive with her first litter in 2020. We have no doubt she will be amazing the second time round.

“She definitely has a pronounced belly and has been waddling around the exhibit. We believe she could be due in the next few weeks.”

Husani’s first litter was born in February 2020 and the three female cubs Chikondi, Adira and Zahara, are now part of the pride and favourites among visitors and participants of Lions360, sponsored by ElectraNet.

During the first few months of life, the new cubs will remain close to their den with their mum and aunties in an off-limits area. This gives the family a chance to bond and grow before making their debut.

Zoos SA has installed a lion cub cam so we can introduce you to the furry additions once they have been born.

The news of Husani’s pregnancy is incredibly special with wild populations of African Lion continuing to decrease.

Lions are now listed as vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It’s estimated that there are only 23,000 – 39,000 remaining in the wild.

The species has been impacted by habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and the illegal wildlife trade.

Zoos SA supports these beautiful big cats through our partnership the Zambian Carnivore Program, which does amazing work in conservation research, habitat restoration and education.

As a not-for-profit, each time you buy a ticket or membership, purchase a gift from the Zoo Shop, donate or adopt your favourite animal at one of our sites, you are helping to save these incredible animals for future generations.

Our breeding and conservation work also wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable support of our amazing corporate partners like ElectraNet.

You can visit the lion pride on the Zu-loop bus and access the viewing platforms from our walking trails.

For more information or to book your tickets, visit

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