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Delta Goodrem chats new music, filming a TV show during COVID-19, and how to keep your head up

Aussie superstar Delta Goodrem is in the midst of releasing her sixth album, and has launched a foundation to fund research at the hospital that saved her life.


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Delta Goodrem wrote new single, Paralysed, before the COVID-19 crisis truly hit Australia, although at first listen, it seems eerily fitting for the climate.

“It’s about when your whole world stops, and you have to reset,” says Goodrem. 

She penned the song a year ago, and now feels she wrote it for a reason. 

“It sounded like I had written it directly about going through the pandemic … the lyrics say you need some time to heal, and it might take a year.” 

The song is a sneak peek of Goodrem’s new album, her sixth studio release.

“It feels like the woman record from where I started,” she says. 

“This is my sixth album but it feels like it’s a new perspective.”

A seemingly fitting album for 2020, a year in which new perspectives have been a necessity. 

Goodrem is the longest serving coach on The Voice Australia, and this year, the popular singing show faced production amidst COVID-19. 

“When they say this season is like no other season, we really meant it,” says Goodrem. 

She goes on to say how proud she was that the show found ways to keep filming.

An uncertain time for many industries, the arts sector has suffered particularly, with cancelled tours and gigs. 

When asked about her advice to up and comers in the music industry during this immense uncertainty, Goodrem considers, “You have to find your way to send love through music.”

And for those struggling to do that?

“There’s no right way to go through this moment,” says Goodrem, echoing the advice she says she gave her team on The Voice.

“If your right way is just by getting through it and doing nothing, then that’s okay too.” 

Ever busy, Goodrem recently launched the Delta Goodrem Foundation, which strives to spread kindness, hope and support for those facing illness, hardship and inequality.

“The mission is about touching lives and inspiring hearts,” she says.

Goodrem’s first album had debuted at number one on the Australian charts when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

She was just eighteen years old.

After undergoing months of chemotheraphy and radiation treatment at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney,  Goodrem recovered, and she is determined to give back. 

“I wanted to partner with St Vincent’s Hospital, the doctors that were my saviours,” she says. 

The collaboration with St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney will help fund medical research in cellular therapy for blood cancers and auto-immune disease. 

$1 from every ticket purchased to Goodrem’s upcoming, 2021 Bridge Over Troubled Dreams Tour will be donated to the Foundation. 

Goodrem is stopping by the Adelaide Entertainment as part of the tour, with the date set for 16 April.

Find out more about the Foundation here.

Purchase tickets to the Bridge Over Troubled Dreams Tour here.

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