Semaphore’s Sweet Amber Is Holding Endless Pizza And Beer Nights

You heard it first, this Semaphore restaurant is is hosting three nights of all-you-can-eat/drink Beer & Pizza.


You heard it first, Sweet Amber – Beer + Pizza is hosting three nights of all-you-can-eat Beer & Pizza.

Sweet Amber is tucked away in Semaphore, a cosy restaurant with a beautiful beer garden, AND, only a short walk from the ocean.

It’s home to a range of craft beers and ciders and boasts an authentic wood-fired pizza oven (making beer-infused pizzas). Local cheese, cured meats and artisan bread rounds off what Sweet Amber offers.

For $55 per person you can indulge in a limitless amount of wood-fired pizza and deliciously crafted Sweet Amber tap beers – an all you can eat and drink extravaganza!

This special is for three nights only – May 29, June 26 and July 31 but spaces are limited, so they recommend that you book early.

More info on Sweet Amber‘s Endless Pizza and Beer Party here.

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