Federal Election 2016: A Live Map For Finding Sausage Sizzles At Polling Booths

Federal Election 2016: A Live Map For Finding Sausage Sizzles At Polling Booths

Sausages and democracy come together. What a great country this is! Here’s how to track down the closest polling booth and sausage sizzle on Saturday.


This Saturday we must all front up at our local polling booth to exercise our right as part of the democratic process. And it’s bloody important we do so properly as well! People who are apathetic about the Australian political process should just look around us at the state of shenanigans in the UK and US and count our blessings that we happen to have a clear cut process to select our representatives on a Federal level. Really, being required by law to vote after the age of 18 is something we should all be ecstatic about.

And then there’s also one the true joys about voting in Australia is the sausage sizzle. Now, not all polling booths have sausage sizzles on. Which is why you need to make sure you have this link saved somewhere on your persons. The legends at Google Australia have not only created an interactive Federal Election map here, which can tell you about your nearest polling booth… it will also list on Saturday where your nearest sausage sizzle and cake stand will be in your electorate based on live data fed into the role.

So they won’t tell us yet, but come polling day this baby will be firing! Just like the barbecue.

And because they’ve covered all their bases, the map also contains information on which polling booths are accessible by wheelchair, directions on how to get to the booth and what time each booth opens and closes. Talk about going above and beyond.

To quickly recap on what we’re in for this weekend, you should always try, wherever possible, to vote at your local polling booth. It’s going to make things so much easier for you on the day, for the electoral commission to tally your vote and we really don’t want that terrible Channel 9 coverage to drag out any longer than it needs to. Everyone is going to receive two ballot papers; a green a green one to vote for a representative of your local area (or electoral division) in the House of Representatives, and a white one to vote for a representative of your state or territory in the Senate. Instructions on how to vote are printed on the ballot papers. If you make a mistake or you are unsure what to do just ask a polling official for help.

Democracy and sausages all in one day. What a great country this is!

Update: Some of our fantastic readers have started sending through Sizzle locations (and the electorate they’re in)! We’ve got the jump on Google!

Prospect Primary School (Adelaide)
Clarence Park Community Centre (Adelaide)
St Peter’s Girls School (Sturt)
Salisbury Downs Primary (Port Adelaide)
Dernancourt Primary (Sturt)
Langhorne Creek Memorial Hall (Mayo)
Allenby Gardens Primary School (Port Adelaide)
Seaford K-7 school (Kaurna)
East Adelaide Primary School (Adelaide)
St Catherine’s School, Stirling (Mayo)

That link again, for those who missed it, can be found here.

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