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FIRST LOOK: Star chef Jake Kellie opens Adelaide’s first open-flame restaurant, arkhé

Brought to you by Michelin-star chef Jake Kellie, Adelaide’s first fully open-flame restaurant arkhé has just opened in Norwood.

Adelaide’s first fully open-flame restaurant arkhé has just opened bringing heat to Norwood.

The new restaurant is the brought to you by Michelin-star chef Jake Kellie as he makes his debut in Adelaide.

The world-renowned chef has partnered with Palmer Hospitality – the talented team behind 2KW, Fishbank and Paloma Bar & Restaurant – to bring a unique dining experience.

We were invited to the new venue and can confirm that from the food to the venue, arkhé lives up to the hype.

The fully renovated space offers diners a truly immersive experience. With no gas or electricity used in the kitchen – the heart and soul of the venue – arkhé is as much about the food as it will be about feeling like you are part of the action. 

Designed by Studio-gram, arkhé breathes new life into the iconic heritage-listed building at 127, The Parade, Norwood. 

Walking into the restaurant front, the venue seems humble and narrow in size – but don’t let this fool you.

After passing through the front bar area and down a strip of booth seating, the restaurant stretches vastly to a massive dining space which opens out to the vibrant courtyard area.

arkhé is a Greek word meaning primal element – with fire being one of these elements, the restaurant’s focus is fitting with its name.

The venue mirrors this theme with its neutral colours and rough textures throughout. The contrast of sand and charcoal colours with warm lighting feels as if you are walking through a smouldering cave-like space.

The textured walls, bars and ceiling with timber elements brings a rawness to the venue.

The open kitchen allows guests to see the incredible chefs work their magic on the open flames. As you walk towards the back of the venue, the open-air courtyard brings a lightness to the charred interior.

The lounge area fronts an outdoor fireplace which caters more for walk-ins with a snacks menu.

With almost every dish touched by fire or smoke, dining at the venue is an experience. There is no sharp focus on a particular cuisine with the menu paying equal homage to seafood, red meat, poultry and vegetables.

Snacks include potato crumpet topped with taramasalata and Yarra Valley Brook trout roe; as well as smoked-pork empanada served with achiote crema. Starters include roast chicken with grilled mustard paste while there’s Southern Rock lobster served with citrus butter sauce and yuzu kosho for main.

Paying tribute to the open flame style of cooking that kickstarted Jake’s culinary journey, he hopes to make customers fall in love with cooking on an open fire.

Jake is the former head chef of Burnt Ends, Singapore’s Michelin-starred and World’s 50 Best-ranked barbecue restaurants is excited to bring his own vision to Adelaide.

arkhé brings a unique fine dining experience to the heart of Norwood as the opening marks an exciting move towards high street dining and a truly authentic style of cooking.

arkhé is located at 127 The Parade, Norwood. 

You can follow arkhé on Instagram.

Find out more about arkhé here.

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