Fringe: Forget A Detox, Get On Retox At Gluttony

Fringe: Forget A Detox, Get On Retox At Gluttony


Leave your liver cleanse at the door – things are about to get debaucherous.

Forget a detox, get on a Retox – that’s the name of this irreverent circus cabaret ensemble playing at Gluttony this Fringe.

It’s a show that’s jam-packed with talent, with award-winning international circus artists from Cirque du Soleil and Circus Oz riding a 10 ft unicycle with one leg, bouncing around blindly in a yellow full body balloon, performing awe inspiring acro – this show has it all and could just be one of the funniest shows you see this Fringe.

It’s a show that actually got its origins of sorts from last year’s Fringe Festival. Having got their start in circus training together, performers Sam Hryckow and Mason West caught up after 25 years at Fringe 2018. Many anecdotes and even more beers later, they decided it would be a good idea to buy a big top.

A year later and they’ve bought two of them. Retox takes place in their tent affectionately named ‘The May Wirth’ after the famous Aussie acrobat that could do both forward and backwards somersaults on a running horse.

The show is brought to life by Fish and Moo Productions, founded by Sam Hryckow and his wife Melody Webb. The duo who have recently returned from five years in Europe, much of which was spent touring and performing circus/cabaret at festivals from Glastonbury to Berlin (and they even managed to pop out three kids along the way).

That being said, this show is definitely adults only. But hey, that’s the point of Retox – you’ve got to be a little bit bad to feel good.

Retox is on at Gluttony from February 15 to 24.Unleash your dark side and click here for tickets.

2-4-1 OFFER: Buy tickets before opening night on February 15, and you can get two tickets for the price of one. Click here for more information.

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