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Get Ready For Amazing Healthy Recipes From Bags And Bunnies

Adelaide based lifestyle and fitness expert Dasha Gaivoronski, aka @bagsandbunnies, will be sharing recipes from her new cookbook full of simple, healthy desserts and sweets with Glam.

It’s a modern reality that we all have our Pinterest boards, our Instagram accounts, recipe bookmarks and style gurus who we whittle away hours of our day admiring from afar. While once these names were almost exclusively celebrity, there are now a host of everyday icons making waves online, being poured over as people ride the bus home or catch up with news on the couch. Even names from Adelaide are being appreciated across the world, with one such larger than life local being lifestyle and fitness expert Dasha Gaivoronski, aka @bagsandbunnies.

Like a lot of Adelaide names, Dasha tends to fly under the radar a bit here. For this single mother, the decision to dedicate herself full time to share the positive influences in her life with others has only been recent, as she moved away from being one of the original partners of West Terrace destination Sushi Planet, to develop her personal training business at Goodlife in Glenelg. Yep, those who gym at the Bay have access to an international fitness icon on staff. For anyone ever wondering how to get those abs, Dasha is literally a phone call away!

But beyond her personal training, Dasha has won her hundreds of thousands of admirers by simply being genuine. She’s often snapping herself in local designers, swimming with her son at Grange and sharing her knowledge and recipes with her clients. In fact, in April this year Dasha published her first ever e-book, ‘Fit Treats’, a collection of her favourite healthy recipes for dessert tragics like herself who want to avoid dietary enemies like refined sugars. Again, those abs don’t keep themselves.

‘Fit Treats’ is a wonderful introduction to the sort of positivity that Dasha exudes, because so many of these recipes are her own, easy to create and with remarkably few ingredients. She meets aspiration health gurus as well as the average cook who just wants to better their diet at the same level making it incredibly easy to start to incorporating these recipes into your day to day.

Homemade raw vanilla caramel bliss balls 😍 To all the fellow sweet tooths out there I have to make a confession.. I can eat 100% clean and control myself when it comes to ‘normal’ meals but sweets is my soft spot 😑 Even though I don’t eat refined sugar commercial sweets and have come up with the whole bunch of healthy sweet recipes I can’t resist my homemade protein balls. I’ve eaten 15 in a row once 🙊 Is that bad? 😶 You can find recipes of protein balls and 45+ other healthy sweet treats recipes in my cook book (link in bio) 💓 | Обращение ко всем моим друзьям-сладкоежкам: я должна признаться.. Вот я могу есть на 100% чисто и контролировать любой приём пищи, но что касается сладкого…, тут у меня нет внутреннего контроля совсем! Да, не ем всякие там обычные промышленные сладости с сахаром, никакие там тортики и шоколадки, да обожаю делать всякие полезные сладости, но не могу съесть один-два протеиновых шара, однажды вот съела 15 за раз 😂 Надо прекращать с этим делом, не люблю одержимости ни в каком виде)) Рецепт всяких шаров и прочих 45+ здоровых сладостей в книге (ссылка в профиле) #fittreats

A photo posted by Dasha Gaivoronski (@bagsandbunnies) on Jun 2, 2016 at 2:07am PDT


Here at Glam Adelaide, we simply love these recipes so much, we’ve asked Dasha if she’d be happy for us to starting to share them with you. And she’s happily agreed! Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we begin to feature not only Dasha’s recipes, but also some of her lifestyle and fitness stories, tips and tricks. Be sure to follow @bagsandbunnies on Instagram to really get yourself inspired and stayed tuned for Dasha’s stories.

To get your hands on a copy of ‘Fit Treats’ , jump online now and visit the Bags And Bunnies Website.

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