Glam Adelaide Put The Spotlight On Local Business, Body 4 Life

Glam Adelaide Put The Spotlight On Local Business, Body 4 Life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with your best friend? Well two best friends started a special Adelaide business to change the negative mindset that so many women have about their bodies. We are all about that



Another day, another fabulous South Australian business to tell you all about!

The two girls behind this Adelaide business are changing the way that women think and feel about themselves, one compliment at a time… That is pretty special. Grace Paley and Henny Moody, the personal trainers/kick ass chicks behind Body 4 Life, don’t just show women how to work out, oh no, they do so much more than that.

Henny and Grace.
Henny and Grace.

Henny says: “…if you are a client of Body 4 Life then you are one of our friends. We hold our clients close to our hearts and we really invest everything we have into them.”

A common passion saw the girls partner up and open their Burnside Village studio in 2014, and they haven’t looked back since. Henny, a law student, had just started working at a women’s only gym when her hobby turned into a passion. She did a personal training course and voila, Henny the Personal Trainer was born. Grace, who says that she has always had a passion for healthy eating, studied her personal training course in 2009. But actually, there is a bit more behind the reason for Grace heading down the health and fitness path…

For years she had found it hard to lose weight, she had to work hard to achieve the body that her friends seemed to have without even trying (we all know someone like that). It actually turned out that she had undiagnosed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and that meant that she couldn’t just eat what she wanted and she most certainly had to exercise. So, with that came a passion for helping other women with their weight loss but doing so in a healthy and balanced way. No need to become obsessed.

“I know how frustrating it is to feel like you are smashing yourself at the gym but not be able to shift weight. Having gone through my own struggles I know that with hard work and determination combined with a healthy balance you can overcome whatever life throws at you,” said Grace.

A special group workout in the Village.
A special group workout in the Village.

Body 4 Life seems to be more about the journey than the results. It isn’t about a quick fix 12 week program, or diet pills, or those shakes. It isn’t about forcing clean eating and a strict diet down your throat, resulting in guilty feelings if you happen to indulge. And it certainly doesn’t seems to focus on the way you look.

The girls say that, “For us it’s about finding a balance between exercise you love, eating an abundance of healthy and clean food, indulging in moderation and not feeling guilty for one second about it. Everything we do as trainers and mentors is surrounded around that. Sweat it out in the studio with us and then have an 80/20 approach to diet.”

Is that bacon we see? No missing out...
Is that bacon we see? No missing out…

You mean we can have our cake and eat it too? Brilliant! But in all seriousness the girls are actually doing something really special. The world we live in today is so saturated with images of beautiful, ‘perfect’ women. Is it just us, or does everyone else get sick of all the Instagram ‘models’. We just want to eat our brownie and not feel guilty about it. In saying that it has caused a lot of issues amongst women.

Body dysmorphia and eating disorders are rife in today’s day and age. Grace and Henny feel so strongly about making all women feel awesome. No woman should ever feel like they have to look like the women on Instagram. They are all about getting you to embrace the body characteristics that you have and flaunting them like Beyonce! Every time you step into a workout session with the girls they will get you to choose a positive thing that you love about yourself. Amazing hair day, makeup is on point, you’re just feeling damn good about yourself… work it! Take those positive vibes and own them.

“The little things go a long way in body confidence.”

The studio.
The studio.


So basically Body 4 Life are creating a positive moment for women. Amen to that!

We think this quote from Henny sums up the whole business and what they are all about perfectly:

“Our whole Body 4 Life ethos is surrounded around positive body image! If you come in to training and say “I’ve had the worst weekend of over indulging”… we will have one question for you… Did you have a good time? If the answer is a big YES then who cares!!! That is one weekend of many weekends of your life! Life is too short for feeling guilty!”

Yes, yes and yes! We love what these girls are doing for women out there! No more body shaming, no more striving for perfection that doesn’t exist! Yes to feeling good about yourself and owning what you have! This story kind of leaves us wanting to sing “sisters are doing it for themselves….” Too far?

To find out more about this fab duo of girl power head to their website, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page.


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