Immerse Yourself In Champagne And Diamonds At This Adelaide Jeweller

Ring shopping might seem daunting, but the team at Gerard McCabe Jewellers have introduced a wonderful new diamond shopping experience.

Every girl, at some point in their lives, has dreamed of showing off a sparkly diamond on their finger, surely.

There’s just something about the jewel that exudes raw beauty all compact in a delicate, twinkling gem — like your own precious star. Every single gem is unique, which is why you want to make the right choice when choosing a diamond for yourself!

It might seem daunting, but the team at Gerard McCabe Jewellers have introduced a wonderful new diamond experience for clients at their Adelaide boutiques.

Gone are the days of looking at rings from behind a shield of glass — instead, have a sit down, relax, and discover the extensive selection of gemstones at your own pace. With unique designs from the Echunga Collection or the iconic Eagle Ring and extensive engagement ring gallery, there is plenty for you to try on, all while you sip on a glass of champagne.

The Gerard McCabe diamond consultants are professionally trained and will work with you to find the perfect diamond engagement ring. With years of experience you’re in safe hands.

And the best part? With diamonds of all shapes and sizes, there is no need to purchase sight unseen or wait weeks for diamonds to be ordered in for you. Their range of unique designs, gemstones, colours, and metals, you’ll find exactly what you’re after!

Unless, of course, you have a bespoke creation in mind — then you can work one-on-one with their Design Director, Nazanin (read more here). Exclusive to Gerard McCabe’s Adelaide boutiques, Nazanin can create the ring you have in mind or work with you to restore a family heirloom.

Your dream ring is also marked with a unique Gerard McCabe identifying number, matching its Gerard McCabe certification. This number is associated with you and ensures your diamond can be matched back to you if lost or stolen.

Gerard McCabe also only use ethically sourced diamonds, working directly with the site holder and following the guidelines of the Kimberly Process in the selection of their diamonds. They ensure that their diamonds are from conflict-free mines of Canada, Russia and Africa.

If you’re purchasing a diamond engagement ring, each and every ring comes with its perfect partner wedding band. All are designed with wedding and anniversary options, making it easy to add to your bridal set down the line. And easy when it comes to gift ideas over the years.

With boutiques in Adelaide Arcade and Rundle Mall, this new diamond experience will be a breath of fresh air for those looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring or jewellery.

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