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Mismatch Brewing Co. Announced Champion Independent Brewery For SA At The 2019 Indies Awards

South Australia’s very own Mismatch Brewing Co. has won the Champion Independent Brewery award at the 2019 Indies.


The Australian brewing community gathered in Melbourne on September 5th to celebrate the best beer in the country at the Independent Beer Awards, affectionately known as ‘The Indies’.

Hosted by the Independent Brewers Association, The Indies are an important celebration for independent brewers across Australia as it provides an opportunity to showcase their contributions in improving Australia’s beer culture.

South Australia’s own Mismatch Brewing Co. took home a win, voted the Champion Independent Brewery for South Australia.

Mismatch Brewing Co. is a South Australian craft beer brewing company who believe that creating consistent products with the purpose of pure enjoyment is the epitome of the craft beer industry.

Located at Lot. 100 in Hay Valley, you can get a taste of what Mismatch Brewing Co. has to offer in the picturesque Adelaide Hills.

Mismatch Brewing Co. pride themselves on passionately brewing beer their way from high quality natural ingredients with a strong drive towards sustainability.

Mismatch Brewing Co. also took top place for the Pale Ale category.

Other awards at The Indies 2019 included:

Champion Australian Indie Beer – Dainton Brewery’s Triple Dry Hopped Double Red Eye Rye,

Champion Independent Large Brewery – Fixation Brewing Company

Champion Independent Small/Medium Brewery – 3 Ravens.

A new category for this year’s awards was introduced to highlight the significant number of brewpubs who play an integral role in the Australian craft beer segment.

The Champion Independent Brewpub was awarded to All Hands Brewing House.

For more information on the winners, head here.

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