Must Read Tips to Surviving the Cold Snap This Weekend

Extreme weather is forecast for SA, and Glam has the absolute guide for you!

Brace yourselves, Winter is here, but the worst is yet to come. Adelaide, we’re about to be hit with a cold snap, but don’t freak out because Glam Adelaide has compiled a list of cosy indoor activities to keep you busy and warm.

Sky News Weather meteorologist Tom Saunders has said that “extreme winter weather is heading towards Southern Australia later this week.”

Looks like we’re in for some showers, thunderstorms and potential hail. Good thing we’ve got tips for all three!

Cosy Up By a Fireplace

It’s time to get toasty, and there’s nothing better than relaxing in front of a fire with good company, a glass of wine and a hearty meal. Glam has a fireplace guide on the best fireplaces in Adelaide, and with pubs, restaurants and cafes in the mix, there is a fire for every meal.


You should have candles all year round (why not?), but particularly in winter. You can’t open the doors to get fresh air in without freezing the house. Light some fabulous SA-made candles you can find and relax with a good book or two.

Fab Jackets and Snug Blankets

If you haven’t already purchased a bangin’ coat then get on it pronto! The EOFY sales are a perfect opportunity to grab a winter essential, and grab some new throws for the family to snuggle in. *TIP* If you have any old clothes or blankets, donate them to a homeless shelter (Hutt St. Centre). The Kazbah on Goodwood, have also created a new winter appeal alongside the Capri Theatre and Patio Coffee Roasters. Donate blankets, and winter clothes you no longer need and in exchange receive a free coffee and movie ticket.

Against Humanity for a Night

Head down to the central markets, gather your favourite goodies and create a feast for a ‘Cards Against Humanity’ night. Invite a group of friends for a hilarious night, with great food and comfy clothes, all in the comfort of your own home! (Perhaps a best matching tracksuit competition could also be a feature of your night. Get your velour on!)

Mulled Wine

A delicious alcoholic alternative to a good ol’ cuppa tea, that the over 18 fam will love! Grab a bottle of relatively cheap red wine and grab all the spices you can. Check out a great recipe here, and if you want an extra kick add some gin.

Get Your Bake On

Bake those cookies you have been meaning to make, it will make the house smell amazing and warm up the kitchen, whilst also being an awesome treat with a hot chocolate or coffee. If you can’t bake at all, grab your favourite Betty Crocker box and delight the family with your homemade biscuits (Shhh! We won’t tell).

Spice Up Your Life

This is one for the chilli lovers out there, who need to get their chilli on! Warm up by heading down to Chile Mojo on Magill Road and pick from a HUGE array of chilli sauces to add into your next winter warmer or spicy curry. This will not only keep you warm but also help your immune system keep up with winter germs.

Spruce Up the House

It’s time to clean out all the cupboards you have been avoiding and declutter your closet. Make the house more comfortable with an array of new fluffy cushions, and give the living room a fresh look.

Fairy Lights are a Must

Fairy lights, particularly yellow lit are such a cosy addition to the living room or bedroom. Also a great Instagram backdrop!

Time for a Soak

Grab your favourite bath products (we love Lush) and let them bubble away, it’s the perfect time to relax and scrub off that winter skin.

Movie Marathon

Get your favourite snacks together and put on your favourite series or show (how about Harry Potter or the Vicar of Dibley). Make sure you have got comfortable clothes on to add to the experience.

Choc or Chai

A hot drink can make all the difference in winter, particularly one filled with sugary goodness. A favourite is a Chai, as its wintery and smells incredible! Make up a big batch to put in a travel mug to use throughout the week or if you are watching the kids play sport on the weekend.


  • As there is a possibility of hail, park your cars undercover every opportunity you get.
  • Thunderstorms are forecast for the next week, so keep your pets in mind and leave them inside as much as possible (applicable to hail too).
  • Dry your clothes inside, there is nothing worse then hanging out a load of washing, and then having it rain five minutes later.

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