Penfolds Wine Bar & Kitchen at Adelaide Airport to be replaced

In a move to enhance the traveller experience and embrace South Australia’s rich sporting heritage, Adelaide Airport is set to welcome its first dedicated sports bar in the main terminal.

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In a move to enhance the traveller experience and embrace South Australia’s rich sporting heritage, Adelaide Airport is set to welcome its first dedicated sports bar adjacent to the international departures entry point in the main terminal.

The establishment, to be known as the ADL Grounds Bar, promises to create a dynamic space that celebrates iconic sporting venues and figures while showcasing the state’s culinary delights.

The idea for the ADL Grounds Bar has been warmly received by both locals and tourists, as it promises to offer a unique blend of sports culture, gastronomy, and entertainment.

The bar, adorned with murals depicting South Australia’s beloved sporting grounds and sporting memorabilia, will be a tribute to iconic venues like the Adelaide Oval, Norwood Oval, and Hindmarsh Stadium.

Adelaide Airport’s Managing Director, Brenton Cox, expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture, stating, “An ongoing core commitment to ourselves and our customers is to ensure South Australian themes, products, and flavours play a starring role in our retail environment.”

Cox went on to explain, “We love that Emirates Leisure Retail has developed the localised sports bar concept so that we can feature Adelaide’s iconic sporting grounds while also tipping the cap to some of our sporting legends.”

The bar will also feature inspirational quotes from sports greats like Malcolm Blight, creating an environment that is both entertaining and inspirational.

In addition to its visual homage to South Australia’s sports culture, the ADL Grounds Bar will feature video footage showcasing the history of Adelaide’s sporting grounds.

Sports enthusiasts will be delighted by the promise of a variety of screens featuring live sports day and night, creating a vibrant atmosphere for travellers and locals alike.

The new dining outlet is also set to please the taste buds of visitors with a magnificent and accessible menu, local beers on tap, and even a dedicated coffee kiosk to welcome both arriving and departing visitors. As Adelaide Airport Managing Director Brenton Cox noted, “We anticipate ADL Grounds Sports Bar will be open by mid-December.”

While the ADL Grounds Bar brings exciting changes to Adelaide Airport’s dining scene, it’s worth noting that the development will take place in the location currently occupied by the Penfolds Bar and Kitchen.

However, airport management is actively working to ensure that travellers can continue to engage with the iconic South Australian brand Penfolds, in a wine-bar-focused concept, with more details to be revealed in the near future.

For now, the Penfolds Bar and Kitchen will remain open for business until mid-December this year.

The ADL Grounds Bar is poised to be a destination where travellers can immerse themselves in South Australia’s sporting history, culinary excellence, and vibrant atmosphere.

This exciting addition is set to make Adelaide Airport not only a gateway to South Australia but also a memorable and entertaining part of the journey for those passing through its terminals.

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