South Australia prepares for manual blackouts to combat power shortage

South Australia will likely roll out manual blackouts on Thursday and Friday to relieve pressure as the state battles with low electricity availability.

You’re probably aware by now that most of the country is facing a grim situation when it comes to power availability and unfortunately it’s not over yet.

While we managed to avoid any blackouts last night as predicted it’s still anticipated that blackouts of around 45 minutes could be seen across the city on Friday due to manual load shedding.

Basically, that means that South Australia has no reserve left in the national electricity grid which occurs when the available electricity supply is less than what is being used by the general population.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has predicted South Australia is facing extremely low energy levels today and into Friday which will be combated by rolling, manual blackouts in certain areas to alleviate some of the strain. Not since 2017 have we seen this tactic used in South Australia.

There are a number of factors in play as to why we’re facing this situation including the increasing price of gas, extreme cold and a number of coal-fired power stations being offline.

To combat increasing energy prices the AEMO has capped the price of in SA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland however this has caused some energy generators to remove themselves from the market to save themselves from losing money.

SA Premier Peter Malinauskas is today meeting with Federal Energy Minister Chris Bowen in Canberra to discuss SA’s plans to prevent the current situation from happening in the future.

Around the country, NSW and Queensland are also still at risk of blackouts and are being urged to conserve energy where possible. This comes as the East Coast shivers through one of its coldest winters in years.

For more information, check out the AEMO website.

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