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The Best Books Of 2022 (as chosen by the Glam Adelaide Books Team)

The verdict is in. Here are our favourite fiction and non-fiction books of 2022!

A good book will always be the perfect Christmas present. For the person who loves reading or for the one going through a hard time, for friends whose curiosity knows no bounds, and for family members who just have everything, you can’t go wrong with the gift of a book. It’s trying to choose which book to give that’s the tricky part.

To help you decide, the passionate members of the Glam Adelaide Books Team have picked out their favourite reads of the year. Whether you’re seeking page-turning thrillers, compelling fantasy, eye-opening non-fiction, or a quality cookbook, we have you covered!

Glen Christie recommends:

Framed, by John M. Green (Pantera Press)

“A fresh and feisty female hero from John M. Green. A pacey thriller that guarantees a good summer read!”

The Death of Dr. Duncan, by Tim Reeves (Wakefield Press)

“2022 marks the 50th anniversary of this tragic, impactful, and life-changing event. Tim Reeves’s account of the life of Dr. Duncan is a powerful piece of literature and highly recommended.”

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Jo Vabolis recommends:

River Cottage Great Salads, by Gelf Alderson (Bloomsbury)

“Shake up your Christmas lunch menu with some sensational new salad ideas from River Cottage chef Gelf Alderson. His creative pairings of fresh, seasonal produce are easy to prepare and will bring a joyful flavour boost to your table.”

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Rebecca Wu recommends:

The Plant Rescuer, by Sarah-Gerrard Jones (Bloomsbury)

“If you are looking to freshen up your home this summer and need some inspiration or lack a green thumb, this masterfully crafted book will cover everything you need to know.”

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Sue Mauger recommends:

Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt’s Creek, by Daniel Levy and Eugene Levy (Hachette Australia)

“For fans of Schitt’s Creek who mourn the end of an era,  this book is the perfect way to relive those special moments. Full of stories, photos and background information on every episode, you can once again laugh and cry as you follow the life of the Rose family and their new friends in Schitt’s Creek.”

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Tracey Korsten recommends:

The Unfolding, by A.M. Homes (Allen & Unwin)

“With the frightening growth in extreme right-wing ideologies, and an America that even Americans are increasingly struggling to understand, A. M. Homes’s latest novel is a timely testament. It is also sharp, engaging, and witty AF!”

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Kristin Stefanoff recommends:

The Thousand Eyes: The Serpent Gates: Book 2, by A.K. Larkwood (Pan Macmillan Australia)

“Sequel to The Unspoken Name, this fantasy is compelling. It features a unique and unstable world, and interesting, complex characters in a battle with the highest of stakes. It’s everything you’d want in a fantasy series!”

Skandar and The Unicorn Thief, by A.F. Steadman (Simon & Schuster)

“This is a new and exciting fantasy series for preteens, perfect for kids who are looking for something a little quirky and a little dark without getting too scary for the age group. This book is exciting, funny, and features unicorns as you’ve never seen them.”

Ordinary Monsters, by J.M. Miro (Bloomsbury)

“This epic is a long read, but well and truly worth it. Ordinary Monsters is a historical fiction full of gritty settings, characters with dangerous powers, and constant suspense.”

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Jessica Incoll Recommends:

One Good Thing, by Alexandra Potter (Pan Macmillan Australia)

“This is one of those books that came into my life right when I needed it. Alexandra Potter has a talent for balancing humour with heart. It’s a beautiful story that reminds us that no matter how hard life gets, all you need is one good thing to turn it back around.”

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Vanessa Elle Recommends:

As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow, by Zoulfa Katouh (Bloomsbury)

“A story about the blossoming of young love against a backdrop of civil war, As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow is equal parts heartbreaking and hope-inspiring. An exploration of grief, friendship, and freedom, this book still manages to depict moments of beauty as it dives into the grim realities faced by Syria.”

Waypoints: My Scottish Journey, by Sam Heughan (Hachette Australia)

“Scottish actor Sam Heughan pays a wonderful tribute to his homeland in this memoir that chronicles his challenging road to fame. Full of heart, honesty, and scenery descriptions that will make you feel like you’re hiking the West Highland Way, too, this book will uplift anyone with big dreams and ambition.”

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