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Top Tips For Buying Cherries This Christmas!

After a low yield last year, cherries are back with a bang for this festive season – here are some tips to buying the fruit and making the most of this year’s crop.


At Christmas time, juicy red cherries are a favoruite among many.

And after a low yield last year, cherries are back with a bang for this festive season!

But should we look for in the perfect cherry?

Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market stallholder Claude Conterno of Merry Cherry Farms said cherries are in their prime at the moment and will continue to be in season at the markets until late January.

He also enclosed Glam his top five tips of buying cherries and making the most of this year’s crop!

  1. Cherries need to be picked as soon as they are ripe, as they don’t continue to ripen after being picked like other fruits. If possible, ask if you can try before you buy. This is often possible if you’re buying direct of the producer, such as at the markets.
  1. Storage is key. Cherries will stay crisp and last longer if stored in the fridge in an airtight container.
  1. Size doesn’t influence taste – the smaller cherries are just as flavoursome as the big ones.
  1. The colour of the cherries isn’t really an important factor when choosing your produce. Depending on the type of cherry, light red and dark red ones can both be great options.
  1. The best ways to eat cherries this year is fresh. They are full of flavour and perfect for a snack, dessert or to add to a cheese plate. They will also be great in recipes to add that a sweet, rich, fruity flavour to your roast meat, such as a turkey glaze or with pork and duck.

Find out more about cherries at Merry Cherry Farms’ website or visit them at the Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Markets held every Sunday.

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