WOMADelaide unveils impressive 2024 KidZone program with family-friendly activities

From March 8th to 11th, KidZone at WOMADelaide will transform Adelaide’s Botanic Park/Tainmuntilla into a world of fun and learning, captivating festivalgoers under 12 years old.

Photo credit: Jack Fenby

WOMADelaide, Australia’s iconic festival of music, arts, and dance, is thrilled to announce the return of its beloved family-friendly destination, KidZone, for the 2024 edition. From March 8th to 11th, KidZone will transform Adelaide’s Botanic Park/Tainmuntilla into a world of fun and learning, captivating festivalgoers under 12 years old with engaging and hands-on activities.

KidZone’s 2024 lineup promises an exciting blend of storytelling, music, dance, and educational adventures, ensuring that young attendees have a delightful and enriching experience.

One of the highlights of this year’s KidZone is the extensive First Nations cultural program, featuring activities that celebrate Indigenous heritage and traditions.

The First Nations Weaving program, spanning three days, will inspire young creators as they learn about traditional weaving techniques and local cultures from various language groups. This program includes hands-on sessions with talented weavers, offering children the opportunity to create wearable adornments using recycled plastics and natural materials.

Kids can also engage with Iwiri Arts weavers, who will demonstrate the art of making natural woven Tjanpi animals. Additionally, workshops with artists from Lakun Mara will allow children to learn the Thukeri Dreaming story and create their own Thukeri (bony bream fish) using ‘ghost net’ marine debris.

A unique collaboration between internationally renowned puppet company Handspring, known for creations like “War Horse” and “Little Amal,” and Adelaide’s Slingsby Theatre Company brings the joyous Celebration Parade to KidZone. Each day, a family of life-sized elephants will venture out to interact with young audiences in magical moments of discovery.

Pacific culture and beats will come alive with traditional dancing, weaving, and coconut husking demonstrations, along with shared songs, stories, and activities, courtesy of the Pacific Islands Council of SA.

For those looking to groove to their own beat, Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours offer a fantastic experience. Festivalgoers, both young and old, can put on headphones and dance to their chosen tunes as they explore the picturesque Botanic Park.

KidZone also features the Leafy Sea Dragon, a remarkable five-meter-long and three-meter-wide woven installation created in collaboration with the Art Gallery of SA’s Tarnanthi Festival 2023. Crafted by Arts Ceduna artists and supported by Ku Arts, this mesmerizing sea dragon serves as an emblem of coastal communities and their commitment to marine conservation.

Children can immerse themselves in Uncle Stevie’s Kaurna Classroom, a space dedicated to the rich realms of Kaurna culture and language, honoring the late Stevie Gadlabarti Goldsmith, Adelaide’s celebrated Kaurna educator.

Throughout the four-day festival, other engaging activities await young festivalgoers. The Art Gallery of SA presents the Paper Garden, where kids can explore the art of making everlasting paper flowers. Evelyn Roth’s Nylon Zoo returns with inflatable bilbies, echidnas, and giant tortoises, along with storytelling and theatrical dress-up sessions.

The Adelaide City Library’s Book Nook boasts an extensive collection of books for exploration and various activities. Nature Play SA offers puppet-making workshops that allow children to join the daily Celebration Parade while fostering curiosity and respect for South Australia’s endangered fauna species.

WOMADelaide’s KidZone 2024 promises to be a remarkable and enriching experience for young festivalgoers, offering a world of fun, creativity, and cultural exploration.

WOMADelaide’s KidZone 2024
Where: Adelaide’s Botanic Park/Tainmuntilla
When: March 8th to 11th 2024
Find more information here: Click here

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