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Woodville Pizza Bar worker will not be criminally charged

No charge for pizza bar worker following state-wide lockdown


A SAPOL taskforce has undertaken an investigation into the information given to SA health professionals and other authorities, about a man who caught COVID-19 from a Woodville Pizza Bar.

It was initially thought that a worker at the Stanford Plaza medi-hotel caught COVID-19 from a pizza box from the Woodville Pizza Bar. This caused a six-day circuit breaker lockdown for South Australia. The information caused fears for a widespread outbreak of the virus.

In analysing an interview between the male in question and COVID-19 contact tracers, SAPOL have found insufficient evidence of intent to present a case to the courts. The investigation found that the first conversation with contact tracing had by the man, was misleading.

It also found the man had “changed his version” of events, which was discovered by police during the lockdown period. However police say the initial conversation is unsubstantiated, and no court action could be taken over the matter.

The advice provided by senior SAPOL staff and the DPP is that there is limited evidence for a court hearing, and the matter would not likely proceed or progress.

In Investigation terms, said Assistant Police Commissioner Peter Harvey, “the matter is complete.” This was because the exact contact and intent could not be substantiated.

The outcome of this investigation is that there will be no charge.

The man’s lawyer says the man is “extremely remorseful and deeply sorry for any part his conduct played in the unnecessary lockdown actions”.


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