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Yuki in Burnside changes up its menu as it welcomes new Head Chef

Gourmet Japanese restaurant Yuki in Burnside has a fresh menu thanks to its new Head Chef and will also trade with extended hours going forward.

Gourmet Japanese restaurant Yuki in Burnside is changing hands in the kitchen, evolving its fine dining offering with a new menu and extended hours. The team are welcoming a highly experienced new Head Chef who will bring more traditional dishes to the fine dining establishment, which can only see it get better.

For over a year now this Glen Osmond high class restaurant has been serving traditional Japanese food that is rich and hard to find anywhere else. The excellence speaks for itself with Yuki’ receiving not one but two awards at the Restaurant & Catering awards this year.

Now, Yuki in Burnside is turning a new page and welcoming new head chef Heon who, with over 10 years of Japanese kitchen and sushi expertise in Sydney, will see the restaurant in good hands.

The introduction of new dishes has already begun and are being weaved into its already extravagant menu. A special dish of sake steamed abalone (seafood snails) and black truffle salt, wagyu beef tataki (pounded meat pieces) with miso sauce or edamame soup compete with sea urchin.

This comes along with Yuki in Burnside’s already incredible a la carte and set menus that inlude wagyu steaks, fresh fish and more. The restaurants speciality could very well be its sashimi and the subtle art mastery of thinly cut fresh fish and meat.

Yuki is a new experience that isn’t an ordinary dinner but a chaperoned journey of smooth sake and fragrant flavours.

The restaurant is one of the few in SA to perform omakase (Japanese phase for: “I’ll leave it up to you”) a face-to-face dining experience from traditional Japan where customers can watch the chefs create and expertly prepare the dishes they’ve chosen across their set menu.

The delicacies speak for themselves but the caring team and minimalist setting is the perfect pairing to this expert restaurant that truly feels like a slice of Japan.  

Yuki in Burnside 2.0 is thriving and rolling out its new iterations in the coming weeks. With longer opening hours as well you will have plenty of time to experience everything they have to offer.

With sibling venues Yuki in The Hills in Aldgate and MiYuki Brunch Café in Stirling, Yuki in Burnside is part of an authentic Japanese cuisine family.

Yuki in Burnside at 548 Portrush Road, Glen Osmond is open from Wednesday till Sunday for both lunch and dinner.

Extended opening hours are:
Wednesday from 5:30PM till 10:00PM and Thursday until Sunday 11:30AM till 3:00PM (Lunch) and 5:30 till 10:00PM (Dinner).

Stay updated with photos of their new dishes on their Instagram and Facebook.

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