A New Off-Grid Tiny House Getaway Experience Has Hit South Australia

Getaway: There’s An Off-Grid Tiny House Getaway Nestled In The Adelaide Hills

Located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, this sustainable, off-the-grid tiny house is the ideal place for you to recoup and take some time for you and the ones you love without distractions


Ever seen all those TV shows about tiny houses and thought, ‘wow, they’re super cool, but I don’t think I could LIVE in one’? Well, now you can get away from it all, and enjoy one of those tiny houses without the commitment (and take some great Instagram photos to match!) with CABN‘s first, well I guess… cabin called Jude.

We know how hard it is to just switch off and be in the moment, between Instagram, emails, Facebook and texts that all seem to require immediate attention, we find it hard to just be present whether it’s with our kids, friends or even partners. Located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills in a secret location 30 minutes from the city, this sustainable, 2.5 by 6 metre eco hideaway is something special. The off-the-grid tiny house is the ideal place for you to recoup and take some time for you and the ones you love without distractions (we’re looking at you, iPhone).The first CABN is surrounded by stunning Adelaide Hills landscape.

The Adelaide Hills CABN location is a quiet achiever. In the hills, you are never far from wine (thank God), but with conservation parks nearby you can forgo the wineries and reconnect with nature (or reconnect with nature while you have a sneaky sav blanc in your water bottle).

CABN is partnering with private landowners and national parks for locations. Once in place, these moveable, custom designed tiny houses will seamlessly blend in with South Australia’s incredible coast, hills and mountain landscapes.

Think bushwalking, forest, creeks, waterfalls and bird watching. Expect kangaroos, drop bears and bandicoots. Wake up to the sound of magpies and kookaburras heralding the dawn. Gaze up at the night sky, with a warming nip in hand. Depending on the time of year, cuddle around the fire pit and talk into the long night with your loved ones. Get back to nature’s circadian rhythms.

CABN was set up to help provide people with a means to disconnect from the crazy we have brought upon ourselves. Their completely off-grid, self-contained and eco-friendly tiny houses set in some of South Australia’s most stunning and stimulating landscapes offer an ideal escape. Give yourself a fighting chance with a short stay, recharge your batteries and retreat in style. With a digital detox that allows you the freedom to disconnect from the tyranny of online lives and to reconnect with what makes you happiest, it’ll be a weekend you never forget.

The CABN includes a heater, two-burner kitchen stove, king and king single bed, shower, revolutionary and environmentally friendly composting toilet system, mini fridge/freezer and kitchen utensils. All the comforts of home, on a smaller scale. There is bath and bedding linen, and biodegradable shower products. Heating and fan cooling provide year-round comfort.

CABN is a significant opportunity for guests to recharge, recalibrate and experience a real disconnect from technology and the crazy we bring into our lives,” says owner Michael Lamprell.

“There is no WiFi,” Michael says. “But there is a lockable safe to store all your technology and smartphones… just in case.”

Michael was inspired by Minimalism: Living a Meaningful Life, a book he read during a study trip to Boston in 2016. “It resonated with me and my journey on so many levels. I also met the guys behind a B&B accommodation business called Getaway. I was instantly drawn to their concept and motivation behind it. The idea of living a more simplified, authentic and genuine lifestyle appealed to me so much that I want to be able to bring to Australia and New Zealand what the guys in Boston have created. But tailored to our communities and way of life.”

Be part of the CABN movement. Throw off the shackles of consumerism, possessions and constant digital connection.

CABN is priced from $190 per night.

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