Adelaide Bus Stops Getting Wired for Sound

People’s Choice Credit Union is again giving Adelaide commuters a choice while they wait for their bus or tram – and this time it includes a choice of music.

Another six busy bus and tram stops have undergone a “People’s” transformation.

Three have had the normal boring benches replaced with a funky leather lounge chair, an office swivel chair, a sturdy kitchen bench and modern body-moulded seat.

The other three also make the waiting more comfortable by offering five separate headphone sockets providing five different genres of music – all from SA-based musos.

Country Danny Hooper

Rock Tracer

Classical Ashley Klose

Pop Sonic Monkey

RnB Malo Brando

“It’s a bit of fun. We got great feedback when we transformed our first bus stops last year so we thought we’d do it again – but this time with the extra dimension of sound,” People’s Choice Managing Director Peter Evers said.

“We’re giving people a choice of what to sit on and what to listen to, just like we give them a great choice of banking products.”

“We want to give commuters a bit of a laugh by providing them with something to do while waiting for their bus or tram. Sit down, tune in, kick back. Time will fly!”

The Peoples’ Choice bus and tram stops will remain transformed until 26 February.


North Terrace in front of Govt House

King William St near the intersection of Nth Terrace

Victoria Square – the stop closest to the GPO


King William St near the intersection of Currie/Grenfell

Moseley Square tram terminus at Glenelg

Currie Street in front of the Medicare offices

For more information head to the link below.

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