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Adelaide Fringe reveals incredible impact of 2021 Festival

Despite being held during a global pandemic, the 2021 Adelaide Fringe saw 2.8 million attendances over the 31 days of the festival.

Image: Adelaide Fringe Facebook.

After months of stressful planning and tensely watching COVID-19 devastate entertainment events around the world, Adelaide Fringe was able to safely go ahead earlier this year for a hugely successful run, bringing comedy, music, and hundreds of innovative performances to one of South Australia’s most iconic events. 

The incredible success of this year’s Fringe festival saw over 5000 artists perform at nearly 700 different performance spaces and venues, as well as creating 4,431 jobs in the community. 

Delivering $56.39 million to the South Australian economy and generating $31.6 million in new net expenditure to the state during this year’s festival, Fringe continues to contribute a hugely positive impact on the South Australian economy, cementing our reputation as the Festival State and drumming up excitement for the 2022 program.

Over half a million tickets were sold including to over 25,000 tourists visiting SA, highlighting the cultural significance of the festival to interstate travellers even during challenging times. 

Adelaide Fringe Director and CEO Heather Croall was delighted with the payoff, only possible through the incredible efforts that went into Fringe preparation for 2021, working collaboratively with artists and venues to surpass all expectations. 

“To deliver the only festival of this scale in the world in such unpredictable climate was incredible” she says. 

“On average we sold 20,000 tickets each day, and including free activities, we saw an average of more than 80,000 people out each night for the 31 nights.

“Fringe 2021 brought the city and state to life with people not only enjoying the shows but also supporting local businesses.

“Audiences craved Fringe this year along with the opportunity to re-connect with art and people once again.” 

Audiences threw their support behind the 2021 festival, the only festival of its kind on in the world at the time, maintaining its status as the biggest festival in the southern hemisphere with an incredible 2.8 million attendances across the month. 

Fringe was able to give much-needed support to performers, distributing over $750,000 in grants to artists and venues in a difficult year for the industry. 

2021 also saw Fringe celebrate its most diverse year yet, with 9.7% of the program including First Nation themes, artists or creatives.

After the incredible success of this year’s festival, focus is now shifting to preparations for Adelaide Fringe 2022, with planning already well underway. 

The 2022 Adelaide Fringe will run from 18 February to 20 March. 

Find out more about Adelaide Fringe here.

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