D'Arry's Verandah: Food, Wine And All Kinds Of Amazing

D’Arry’s Verandah: Food, Wine And All Kinds Of Amazing

If there was such a thing as food heaven, we think this may be it…


Glam Adelaide could basically be renamed Food Adelaide… Ok, a bit dramatic (and definitely doesn’t have the same ring to it) but we seriously love our food. Not to mention our wine. So we were a little bit jealous (a lot jealous) of our resident Fleurieu Region foodie who hit up the amazing d’Arry’s Verandah recently for what can only be described as an epic, saliva inducing lunch. Read on to see what we are talking about…

For generations, d’Arenberg winery has been an icon and shining example of the McLaren Vale wine region. It has a rich history and boasts a proud tradition of family based business, whilst continuing to push the envelope and being a pioneer in modern-day wine making.

The “d’Arry’s Verandah” restaurant has quite the stellar reputation; and I finally got to see what all of the fuss was about. My eyes, tastebuds and stomach were more than impressed…

The restaurant splits in two levels; you have the Verandah itself, and indoors with wall to wall glass windows. With both overlooking the southern vales and vineyards of McLaren Vale, it is safe to say that the view is a spectacle unto itself.

But then, then there is the food. If there was such a thing as food heaven, I think I may have potentially walked through its delicious doors that day…

To start of the cracking meal, the Crumbed and Fried Willunga Olives, stuffed with almonds and served with a lime aioli dipping sauce. There is not much more that I could say than sooooooooooooooooo good. Crunchy, zingy, and just the right amount of salty. These tasty delights were paired with the ‘Pollyanna’ sparkling white NV. But that wasn’t all because along with all of the olive goodness came carbs. One of our favourite food groups. The house-made bread and butter really was to die for and totally worth breaking the diet.

D'Arenberg Ten

The Amuse Bouche was a Bocadillo. A fresh cold soup-style shot of Ajo Bianco, with a dehydrated basil leaf, and pickled garlic with anchovy. This made for some super interesting flavour combinations. This bad boy was accompanied with the 2015 Sav Blanc. Perfect.

But then the experience went to a whole other level. Cue all of the dramatic music, dancing angels and fireworks (note, none of those things actually happened) but it basically felt like that when the next course was put in front of me. I just couldn’t go past ordering the signature dish; Lobster Medallions with blue swimmer crab, prawn tortellini and lobster bisque. Lets just say the mere sight and smell of the dish had me salivating. The taste? Oh my gosh. The lobster and tortellini were so well cooked, the contrasting textures were perfect. The bisque was so creamy, rich and delicious, it had me reaching for more bread to soak up every last drop! Even writing this right now, I really want it all over again (and again, and again). To match; try the 2013 ‘Lucky Lizard’ Chardonnay.

I sort of had a feeling that a food coma may ensue after this experience because I also got to try the Slow Roast Pork Belly, with zucchini, pea, ricotta and mint salad, with garlic potatoes. Oh em gee. This dish was matched perfectly with the delicious 2014 ‘Custodian’ Grenache.d'Arry's Verandah

After all that food and to make dessert that much sweeter we were offered a palate cleaner of a Lime and Lychee Sorbet, served with a shot of the ‘Monkey Spider’ Roussanne. It could have been the perfect ending to what was a meal fit for a King, but there was more.

Another of d’Arry’s signature dishes is undoubtedly the Passionfruit Soufflé served with pouring cream. So of course, that is what I had for dessert. It was as soft and fluffy as a cloud (or what I imagine a cloud would feel like), with the unmistakable flavours of fresh passionfruit, cut through with velvet smooth cream. It really did blow my tastebuds away for all the right reasons. Matched perfectly with the 2015 ‘Noble Wrinkled’ Riesling, if I hadn’t been so full and on the verge of unbuttoning my pants, I would have eaten another.

d'Arry's Verandah

Then (yes and then), I tasted a little treat for all the chocolate lovers. The Soft Centred Chocolate Pudding, with chocolate ice cream and d’Arry’s aero was served on a huge plate and looked like a work of art. It tasted like a work of art too. Topped off with chocolate dusting, chocolate soil, and chocolate popping candy, the chocolate overload was mere heaven for me. And matched with a 2006 Vintage Fortified Shiraz, the meal was done and I needed a nap. The food coma had hit…

d'Arry's Verandah

At d’Arry’s the chefs utilise their own vegetable and herb garden, you can even see them popping out of the kitchen to cut a sprig of rosemary or some other herb, which is lovely to see. The staff are passionate and highly professional. With only warmth and genuine smiles, this place is more than just outstanding food.

If you haven’t tried d’Arry’s Verandah before, it seriously has to be put on to your list. Plus you can always visit d’Arenberg Winery and check out their cellar door or live it up on “Lawn Day” and enjoy a game of Bocce – ball in one hand, wine glass in the other.


Did we mention that there are also interactive experiences on offer, including the “Blending Bench” held in the old stables, where you can literally blend your own bottle of wine and learn all that is wine making?! This place really does have a little bit of everything.

d’Arry’s Verandah 

Osborn Road, McLaren Vale
(08) 8329 4848

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