Food, Glorious Food! We Have Found South Australia's Number One Foodie

Food, Glorious Food! We Have Found South Australia’s Number One Foodie

If you thought you were a food lover, we have met your match. Meet South Australia’s biggest foodie…


Foodies, you have some competition… An enthusiastic Adelaide eater has been shortlisted for the inaugural official title of ‘Australia’s Biggest Foodie’, by online restaurant reviewing platform Zomato.

After posting almost 600 online restaurant reviews and photos in the last year alone – eating out almost every day! – Laura Groves has earned herself the number one spot on the leaderboard in South Australia.

Laura is one of five enthusiastic amateur restaurant reviewers shortlisted for the title of ‘Australia’s Biggest Foodie’, with each state’s leaderboard reflecting the highly engaged community of Zomato users, who have posted over 125,000 reviews and pictures in the last month alone.

Speaking about the announcement, Laura, working in finance by day, said, “Growing up my parents ran a Michelin Star restaurant, so I come from a strong culinary background. I know how a good restaurant operates and what makes a chef not just good but great, however I never thought about reviewing restaurants until I met my partner, who regularly writes up her dining experience. Until then I’d just used the Zomato app to discover new places. Once I started reviewing I really enjoyed it and now love to share all by eating experiences. It’s probably because I’m very opinionated – maybe that’s why I’m in the running for Australia’s Biggest Foodie!”

In an era of connectedness that has seen selfies and social sharing become a wide open window into our everyday lives, Australians are increasingly turning to their fellow customers to shape their thinking on where they should eat and what they should order.

Search hashtags like #foodie and #foodstagram on popular social media platform, Instagram, and you’ll find countless pics of plates, ranging from fancy fare to extreme milkshakes.

But it is the growing community of highly engaged Aussie foodies, such as Laura, who are building a reputation for their own in-depth online reviews of restaurant dining experiences, as they snap and share everything from shots of the food to insights on their favourite dishes and assessments of their overall dining experience.

Zomato’s Country Manager Australia, Kate Parker, says, “As South Australia’s biggest foodie Laura exemplifies the engagement the Zomato platform is seeing across Australia and what it really means to be a modern foodie. Eating out is no longer about just enjoying the plate of food in front of you; it’s an interactive and shared experience, where personal and peer to peer interactions have never been more important or influential in determining how we choose to dine out.”

Keep your eye out for more news about the winner of the Australia’s Biggest Foodie comp as it comes through! Go Laura!


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