Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler Chat With Glam Ahead Of July Tour

Glam Adelaide caught up with the Ziegler sisters in preparation for their brand-new tour which is heading down under later this month.

When it comes to triple threats, the Ziegler sisters are ticking all the boxes. The duo are making a global name for themselves after their initial brush with fame on Lifetime’s hit reality TV series “Dance Moms”, having gone on to carve out careers of their own, with acting, singing, producing and more under their belts.

Teen dance prodigy Maddie Ziegler, became an overnight internet sensation after appearing in singer-songwriter Sia’s “Chandelier” music video in May 2014. Since then Maddie has starred in four more of Sia’s videos with over 3 billion views worldwide, joined her on tour and performed on “Saturday Night Live,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and the 2015 Grammy Awards. She shows no signs of slowing down, expanding her resume to include actress, model, fashion designer, and New York Times Best-selling author.

Following in her older sister’s footsteps, Mackenzie Ziegler has been dancing since the age of two. After appearing in 2011 alongside her sister Maddie, and their mother Melissa Gisoni, on the TV series “Dance Moms”, Mackenzie went on to grow as an artist and pursue other passions such as acting and singing. Mackenzie’s music videos have received collectively over 150 million views to date. Her debut album soared to #1 on the iTunes Pop Charts.  2017 marked the start of live touring for Mackenzie as she embarked on the “Day & Night” tour with Johnny Orlando. She can currently be seen starring in the YouTube series Total Eclipse for the digital network Brat, which she also serves as an Executive Producer on.

Collectively on social media, Maddie and Mackenzie have over 25 million followers and certainly are positive role models for young women everywhere.

With their all-new Australian tour coming down under in less than a month, we caught up with the Ziegler girls for a chat about what’s coming up next.

We’re so excited to hear that you’re returning to Australia soon, and even coming to Adelaide, are you both super excited for this tour?

Maddie: Yeah, we’re so excited, Australia is literally our favourite place. And we love Adelaide as well – it’s such a cool place. We genuinely love everyone in Australia, everyone is so nice, you guys are literally the best ever. We’re so excited to dance for everyone and meet everyone. 

Do you have any touristy things planned for while you’re here?

Maddie: I sure will be holding the koalas or jumping around with the kangaroos, like we do every time we’re there. We always love to go to the petting zoos, it’s always the best time. We really really do love the koalas though, they’re so cute. 

Mackenzie: I also think I need to try Vegemite somehow while I’m there. 

This tour is quite different to previous tours you have done, in that it’s more up-close and personal. What will fans be able to get out of this new experience?

Maddie: This year we’re going to have some new performances for everyone, we’ll do a Q&A, and get to meet everyone individually, which is, I think, the most personal thing we do, we get to know everyone, talk to them, answer questions and get feedback. It’s really exciting and it’s such an amazing time. Our choreographer for this tour, Marko Panzic, is very well known, and he will be teaching some masterclasses as well which is really exciting. 

Both of you have had huge successes across a large number of industries, such as dancing, acting, singing, modelling and even fashion design. Do either of you have a favourite aspect of your careers? Or do you love it all?

Mackenzie: I don’t really have a favourite, just like Maddie, we do so many things so you can’t really love one more than another. I definitely have been getting into singing more than the rest of them but I still love them all equally and I obviously started off dancing so that has definitely been a passion of mine. 

I also wanted to talk about your presence in the community. In terms of your enormous success and the ways you present yourselves, (on social media and in interviews and that sort of thing), you are both such amazing role models for young girls and boys. Is this something you really value and prioritise?

Maddie: Thank you! It’s really an honour and its also crazy that we’re role models to so many girls and boys, and it is really something that is stressful as well, because we would never want to put out something that people wouldn’t like, because of how much they look up to us. It’s really such an amazing thing because we’ve always had role models, and so the fact that people now look up to us for advice, they look up to us for what they want to do in life, is so inspiring and so humbling, and we’re just so thankful for everything that people have given us and how much support and love is thrown our way, so it’s really awesome. 

Finally, do you have any messages for your Aussie fans?

Maddie: We just want to let everyone know that we’re so excited to come back to Australia and try more of the food and the candy, and we’re so excited for our tour and to come and meet all of you!

Mackenzie: We’re excited to give you guys a fun show and meet everyone, do a Q&A, and really get to share more memories and experiences with everyone. 

Don’t miss Maddie and Mackenzie: The Ziegler Girls at Thebarton Theatre on July 8! Tickets are available here: https://maddiemackenzietour.com.

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