NOW OPEN: Rascals Deli and Wine Bar brings quirky twist to CBD

Bent Street’s newest resident Rascals Deli and Wine Bar is about the cosiest place to be this winter.

If you’re looking for a new wine bar to kick this winter off, look no further than Bent Street’s newest resident, Rascals Deli and Wine bar.

Josh Kleeman, one of the brains behind Rundle Street’s sexy cocktail den Society, is no stranger to the area, saying opening a new space just a stone’s throw away ‘just felt right’.

“We really want this to be a fun wine bar,” Josh said.

“With a name like Rascals, it’s a fun space to be. We don’t want to be some pretentious wine bar, we want to cater to that Cranker, Exeter demographic. People that are a bit different and quirky, we want to make this the wine bar for them.”

While the wine bar aspect is still a few weeks away, Josh paints an inviting picture of what the space will become.

“The vibe will be like walking into an antique tattoo parlour, we will have those classic Chesterfield lounges for people to sit back and relax on, we want to make it pretty comfy,” he said.

“We also have all this outdoor seating which will be really cool to see packed with people just enjoying a glass of wine. When we first started serving coffee, the outside was just full and it had a really good vibe, I would love to see that on a Friday night with people enjoying a couple of knock offs.”

The Rascals team is also working closely with a number of local wine suppliers to showcase the best drops our great state has to offer.

“Obviously having Society we’ve been able to create some great relationships who are interested in being a part of this, whether it’s just stock or coming in and doing a full tasting on a Friday afternoon for people to enjoy,” Josh said.

“This is obviously a much smaller venue compared to Society so organising and preparing events like that will be easier, I’m really looking forward to seeing it all in action.”

As for right now, you can catch deli in full steam, with the team slinging coffees and sando’s from 7am until 3pm Monday to Saturday, making it the perfect spot to grab either an early morning pick-me-up or a quick lunch to go. With 5 sandos currently on the board, Josh said to watch this space as they will soon introduce a rotating monthly special.

“I’ve brought the head chef from Society along with me so we will see what he cooks up,” Josh laughed.

The current menu ranges from a mortadella, burrata sandwich with pistachio pesto and chilli honey (ordering one of those right now as we speak) to a classic tuna mix with cheddar cheese and shallots along with a mouthwatering vegan option with grilled eggplant, smoked capsicum, caramelised onion and of course vegan cheese.

“Our current counter will also be our bar, we are able to wheel that around the space which has been great serving straight out to the street, we feel like we can talk to everyone that comes past, they don’t have to walk into an unknown space, so we have really enjoyed that element. It wasn’t a permanent solution but given how it’s been accepted we will keep that for the mornings and then once the afternoon kicks off we will roll the bar back and get the wine out.”

Rascals Deli and Wine Bar
Where: 17-19 Bent St, Adelaide SA 5000
When: 7am till 3pm Monday to Saturday
For more info, click here

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