Review: Dandy Warhols Distortland Tour- HQ 27 Oct.

tdwI’ve always been a fan of the Dandy Warhols style – laid back and oozing cool. Not bad for a band that have been around for 20 years.

The band sauntered onto their minimalist stage set up nonchalantly – no backdrop, stripped back drum kit, jeans and t-shirt – but hey, that’s their style. The opening chords of “Be-In” began to drift across the room with the fans loving the build-up. Their sound is a mix of 70s psychedelia, shoegazer, indie rock and puff of the “good stuff”. “Be-In” might be seven minutes long but you never catch yourself looking at your watch wondering when it will be over, instead it takes you on this magical musical journey. Perfect way to start by their umpteenth tour of these shores.

Straight into a new track “Crack Cocaine Rager” off their brand new album “Distortland”. Only the Dandy Warhols could call a song that! Live, these new tracks are a different beast. The distorted feedback is an instrument in itself, so much so my tinnitus is now worse. #worthit.

A big roar went up for “Get Off”. By now the crowd was definitely warmed up; singing and jumping around. Didn’t take long! The power of the Dandy Warhols! More new songs followed and I was pleasantly surprised how well the new tracks fit with the familiar back catalogue. “Distortland” tracks are definitely more stripped back, some even have a country twang to them and much less distortion ironically enough, going by its name!

A moment for the crowd to catch their breath with the band delivering a stripped back version of “I Love You”. Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s vocals seemed to be more gravelly tonight, maybe still living the hard life? Although he doesn’t look it. For a man about to hit 50, he still has the youthful looks a man 10 years his junior. Zia pitched in with some backing vocals while Peter was right of stage happy in his own world with his 30 guitar pedals.

Some lucky punters had a Facebook request answered with the (band admission) rarely played “Everyone Is Totally Insane” off the “Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars” album. Great to see bands read their fan Facebook posts! More new with old tracks followed and there was a great love in the air. The band had a great groove going the whole time and seemed to having fun.

The final four tracks contained some of their biggest hits to date – “We Used to Be Friends”, “Bohemian Like You”, “Godless”, “Pete International Airport / Boys Better” – and was a damn fine way to finish this 90 minute show. Zia had a small cameo on her keyboard / sequencer after the rest of the band had retreated from the stage, which was interesting yet the come down we all needed for the journey home.

Darren M. Leach





Be In

Crack Cocaine Rager

Get Off

Pope Reverend Jim


I Love You

Everyone Is Totally Insane

Catcher in the Rye

Plan A

White Gold

Holding Me Up
You Are Killing Me
We Used to Be Friends
Bohemian Like You

Pete International Airport / Boys Better

Zia finale


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