SA Food Producer Introduces A Delicious Australian First

SA Food Producer Introduces A Delicious Australian First

Mouths are watering…


We think that it is pretty obvious when we say that we are South Australian proud. Have we made that pretty clear? And why wouldn’t we be? We have so much to be proud of! From our state’s beauty, to its festivals and events, its amazing variety – the hills to the beaches, its wine, its ease, its vibrance, and one of our faves, its local food producers. YES! There is one South Australian food producer in particular that is continuing to kick goals, and with the introduction and expansion of their already phenomenal product range, we just had to pay a little homage to Pangkarra Foods.

The boutique and family run food producer in the Clare Valley are already well known for their ranges of wholegrain pasta, flour, lavosh (a must on any cheeseboard) and grissini. And now they bring us their innovative, gourmet Australian pulses, including retorted chickpeas, roasted chickpeas and roasted faba beans.

Since its inception in 2011, Pangkarra Foods have produced premium paddock to plate products, and this new range will be no different. We can say hello to Australian Chickpeas (retorted), Pangkarra Roasted Chickpeas with Garlic and Sea Salt, Pangkarra Roasted Bean Mix with Lemon, Thyme, Black Pepper and Sea Salt, and Pangkarra Roasted Chickpeas and Faba Beans with Rosemary and Sea Salt. Yum, yum, yum!

We just have to point out that this is an Australian first. Pangkarra are the first company is the country to present chickpeas that are cooked and ready to serve. The 100% Australian, healthy and traceable pulses will be conveniently packaged in a flexible doy pouch

Jim Maitland, Co-Manager of Pangkarra Foods said the Pangkarra chickpeas and faba beans have a point of difference from other products in the snack and gourmet categories as they are ready to serve, offering a new convenience for the Australian consumer.

“We have been working with Prestige Foods International Pty Ltd to create a solution to cooked Australian chickpeas, and the result is a delicious, crunchy, cooked chickpea, just like you have soaked them yourself at home,” Jim said.

“This is a huge step forward for Pangkarra Foods, as the products we produce have traditionally been wheat-based pasta, flour and biscuits. Yet, as we are growing chickpeas and faba beans on farm for other markets, it made sense to value-add pulses as well. We are now more than ready for the leap in paddock to plate, premium pulses.”

You can get your hot little hands on these new products on the Pangkarra online store, at gourmet shops, IGA, Foodland and independent grocery stores throughout Australia.

Our mouths are watering…

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